July News 2004

July 31, 2004

Something for the weekend
posted by Jas, 07/31/04
I only have a few uploads left to do for the Download festival and Backstage pass videos and some other videos from the Media Page so I'm gonna take a break this weekend and not gonna do any uploads. I've put up a clip of LP doing 'Wish' from the Rock Am Ring festival in the right frame for you to enjoy. European and Asian fans had a taste of how awesome it sounded when the band played it on the European and Asian tour in June, it's time for the US fans (or those who haven't seen or heard it yet) to experience it 'live' on the ongoing Projekt Revolution tour. If I can have my way I want the next album to sound more like this, but that's me. Please do not, I repeat, DO NOT email me and ask for the video, I will make it available for download when I'm free. So just sit back and relax and enjoy the show. Audio and video defects are from the source. Note to parents: video contains expletive.

An earful of Korn powers Projekt show
posted by Jas, 07/31/04
A review of the Mansfield, MA show from The Boston Globe

Leaving the stage after a shattering hourlong set, Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer tossed picks into the audience before delivering this declaration: "Next time, we're closing this [expletive] show!" See, Projekt Revolution is Linkin Park's baby, and appropriately that band closes each show, including Thursday's stop at the Tweeter Center. But it was Korn that hit the stage as if it were storming a beach in battle with a ferocious performance that blended fan favorites and an eclectic selection of covers.

So Linkin Park had a tough act to follow, although there were more than enough fans left to motivate them. As the current kings of raging Abercrombie & Fitch shoppers, Linkin Park opened with "Don't Stay," from its current hit CD, "Meteora." Whereas Korn's Davis is an angry screamer, singer Chester Bennington wails and whines like a child unhappy to have been born into this cruel, cold world. That's Linkin Park in a nutshell, with little variations in theme or tempo. Song after song, whether its the balladlike "Somewhere I Belong" or "Nobody's Listening," Linkin Park is Bennington hunched over like a question mark, bellowing bombastic lyrics of adolescent angst.

Jay-Z joined the Revolution
posted by Jas, 07/31/04
EANx30 posted on the LPMB that at the PNC show in Holmdel, NJ last night, Jay-Z joined LP during the encore. They played Lying From You / Dirt off Your Shoulder and then Papercut / Big Pimpin'.

Jay-Z, Linkin Park Rock L.A.
posted by Jas, 07/31/04
AznLPchik from LPUMB has typed this short article from the August 19 issue of Rolling Stone (US) magazine. Here's the scan

A month after joining Phish onstage in Brooklyn, Jay-Z hooked up with Linkin Park at L.A.'s Roxy for the pilot of MTV's Mashups, slated for the fall. Jigg and the rockers combined Jay's rhymes with Linkin Park's music, or vice versa. "Every time we flipped a part, the crowd lost their minds," says Mike Shinoda. "We did 'Big Pimpin'' with our song 'Papercut.' And 'Encore/Numb' sounded amazing."

Projekt Revolution mixes gangsta attitude, angst
posted by Jas, 07/31/04
A review of the Mansfield, MA show from Boston Herald, I didn't know Linkin Park is a boy band LOL!!

Adolescents are a moody bunch, but the schizoid genre-mixing of the Projekt Revolution tour Thursday night at Mansfield's Tweeter Center took things to the extreme. It seems promoters knew what they were doing pairing the rage-filled metal of Korn and the suburban teen angst of Linkin Park with the laid-back, feel-good delivery of hip-hop veteran Snoop Dogg, because the youthful crowd screamed itself joyously hoarse. On the heels of Korn came its boy-band spawn, Linkin Park. More clean-cut and parent-friendly,the efficient tag team of singerChester Bennington and rapper Mike Shinoda put on a tight, almost automated show, each song bursting with calculated pop hooks and arena-ready choruses. Songs such as the anthemic ``Somewhere I Belong'' and ``Lying From You'' were met with acceptable roars of approval, but it remains to be seen how long their hip-hop/angst-rock formula will continue to inspire. Boy bands, whether bubblegum pop or faux metal, don't have the longest shelf life, especially with this fickle fan base.

Anime Culture in the UK
posted by Jas, 07/31/04
Animation Insider report: So the girl in the current SEAT ad is meant to be from comics, but looks like nothing so much as our own blue-haired schizoid mecha pilot Rei Ayanami (*sigh*)… but not quite (back in your office, lawyers). However, DVD Clinic on LWT reviewed and recommended Neon Genesis Evangelion Directors' Cut vol.1 on their final show of the season, while we heard from our headbanging homies over at Kerrang! how much they liked the new Linkin Park music video, which went straight into heavy rotation on Kerrang!TV. Our good friends at GONZO have been thrilled with the worldwide reaction to the video as well. Finally, even terrestrial channels with no record of showing anime have found themselves one or two series to run in their Saturday morning kids' slot. In 2004, anime is moving ever more towards the mainstream in the UK, but there are still things that every fan can do to help that process

July 30, 2004

Pictures from Hong Kong Tour and Download Festival
posted by Jas, 07/30/04
Thanks to CC for these pictures of LP during their visit to Hong Kong from Sohu.com, there's Chester showing off his mucocky roach instrument :-) The image of the Chinese characters is, I assume, the name of the guys in Chinese. Left to right it's Brad, Phoenix, Chaz, I don't know what that is, Joe, Rob and Mike.

CC also alerted me that MusicPictures.com has added these LP pictures from the Download Festival.

Q & A: Revolution
posted by Jas, 07/30/04
An interview with Phoenix where he talked about the Projekt Revolution tour. Thanks to Holycow at the LPUMB for the link.

Nothing to fear from Projekt Revolution
posted by Jas, 07/30/04
A Star Ledger interview with Chester where he talked about the Projekt Revolution Tour.

Don't get the wrong idea about the "Projekt Revolution" tour. "It's not revolutionary in terms of, 'Let's go gather troops and fight the man,'" says singer Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, the hard-rock band that organized the tour and is headlining it. "It's revolutionary in the sense that the stage is constantly revolving with different kinds of bands, and different styles of music."

"When you have an all-day party, you don't just want the same thing," says Bennington, 28. "When I throw a party at my house, I don't just play Megadeth all day. I'm playing everything from Bob Marley to the Descendents." "In the festival area, the most political we get is, there's a place where you can register to vote," Bennington says. "Everything else is all about fun."

Attractions beyond the music stages include skateboarding demonstrations, pitching and batting cages, interactive video games, and stations that can be used to experiment with mixing music. "Our plan had always been to turn Projekt Revolution into a summer festival, but we wanted to test it out a couple of years, and see what the reaction from the kids was like," Bennington says. "And we decided that this is the year to do it. We do have the power and, I guess, the kind of respect from other bands to get guys like Korn and Snoop to come out with us. That's kind of crazy, but it happened, and here it is, and (ticket sales are) doing well."

Bennington wanted the veteran British alternative-rock band the Cure to headline, but that was not to be. The Cure decided to headline its own traveling festival, "Curiosa," with bands like Interpol, the Rapture and Mogwai. Curiosa comes to Randall's Island in New York on Saturday and the Tweeter Center on Sunday. If Projekt Revolution returns next year, Linkin Park might not even appear on the tour if its third studio album, which it will start work on early next year, is not ready for release, Bennington says. "We don't want to have to headline Projekt Revolution every year," Bennington says. "It wouldn't be unlikely to see Projekt Revolution headlined by other bands."

Should Linkin Park open for Korn, Snoop Dogg?
posted by Jas, 07/30/04
Projo.com's review of LP concert at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA last night.

Last night at the Tweeter Center, Linkin Park achieved the synthesis of hard-core rap, hard rock and youthful anger that the Projekt Revolution tour is all about. (Rappers and rockers shared the all-day, two-stage festival.) But they were mostly outperformed by their openers, who presented the two musical elements in distillate form.

With two vocalists, Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda, who alternate singing and rapping, and a prominently featured DJ, Joseph Hahn, to go along with their guitar-bass-drums lineup, Linkin Park would seem ready to deliver the best of both worlds. But the rock group Korn proved more volcanic, and the rapper Snoop Dogg had more groove. On up-tempo stuff such as "Step Up" and "Faint," Linkin Park achieved a true, exciting synthesis, particularly with Hahn's prominent contributions. Too often, however, they plodded through head-banging rap-tempo material, and neither Bennington nor Shinoda are skilled enough to stand on their own as rappers.

For that matter, Bennington's singing lacked subtlety, and guitarist Brad Delson wasn't nimble enough to lend their would-be anthems the necessary from-the-mountain-top feel. "Breaking the Habit" showed encouraging signs, starting as a ballad featuring piano by Mike Shinoda, shifting into a sample-dominated, breakneck-tempo fusion. But the over-dramatic "Numb" followed, and from there it was the worst of both worlds.

Video Download Update: Download Festival
posted by Jas, 07/30/04
Some of you are having problems viewing the two avi videos from the Download Festival that were posted at LPUnderground.nl website the other day, I've converted the files to mpg and they are now available for download at their site. Files are also available for download via yousendit.com, send me your email address and I'll send you the links.

Drive to Virginia Beach to see cheap shows
posted by Jas, 07/30/04
The Daily Press report: The Virginia Beach Amphitheater is offering a break on lawn tickets to the Aug. 11 Linkin Park, Korn, Snoop Dogg show. Those tickets are priced at $15 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. today, from the box office only. The Linkin Park tickets are regularly priced at $35.

Projekt Revolution Tour
posted by Jas, 07/30/04, from The State
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Charlotte Aug. 14 ($35 and $49.50)
The Linkin Park Projeckt Revolution Tour is not for those in anger-management courses. The dose of rap-rock you will get at this concert could cause anyone to release anger, which might lead to tearin' stuff up. And that's before Linkin Park hits the stage with Korn and The Used opening. Let's not forget Snoop Dogg, who sure will have fans Crip-walking to the beer stands.

Staying power
posted by Jas, 07/30/04
An article from the Washington Times about heavy metal music, nothing much on Linkin Park, just a mention here and there but it makes an interesting reading.

P.O.D. lead singer joins Gamecaster
posted by Jas, 07/30/04
Reuters report: Lots of rock stars play video games. But Sonny Sandoval, lead singer of multi-platinum rock band P.O.D., has become an investor in Gamecaster Inc. He also has been named music director of the gaming events company, and will perform as on-camera talent. An avid gamer himself, he also has first-hand knowledge of competitive gaming's potential as a major sport. "Music and video games go hand in hand," Sandoval said. "We were just out on tour with Linkin Park, and they're big Halo fans -- they had two screens hooked up on their tour bus, so they can compete with each other, and they always had about 20 people watching."

LP Singapore concert photos
posted by Jas, 07/30/04
Added these two more pics from the Singapore concert from LPfrenzy

MuchMusic & Citytv Toronto Simulcast The "2004 MTV Video Music Awards"
posted by Jas, 07/30/04, from Canada Newswire
MuchMusic and Citytv Toronto will present a LIVE simulcast of the "2004 MTV Video Music Awards" airing direct from Miami's American Airlines Arena on Sunday, August 29th @ 8pm ET. Citytv Vancouver will air the program at 8:30pm PT.

Repeat telecast of Punk'd
posted by Jas, 07/28/04
LPChik011 wrote in to say that repeat telecast of Punk'd with Mike Shinoda will be on August 1 at 9:30 pm ET on MTV (US)

July 29, 2004

A revolution: tour for all tastes
posted by Jas, 07/29/04
An interview with Chester where he talked about the Projekt Revolution tour.

Video Download: Backstage Pass - Linkin Park
posted by Jas, 07/29/04
6 performances from the Rock Am Ring concert were shown on MTV 2 Backstage Pass last night, they were Breaking The Habit (they cut the piano intro, doh!), Faint, From The Inside, Lying From You and Numb (I only got these 5 at the moment). LP should make a DVD of this show in my opinion. Knowing how everybody wants this I'm making it available for download first via yousendit.com of course, before I put the Bangkok concert up. Each file is about 7 - 9 mb and all in wmv, so email me your email address and I'll send you the links to download them. If you just want a particular song only please state in your email. Huge thanks to my good friends Serein and EL for capturing and uploading the videos for me. Thanks guys! [hugs] Update: Linkin-Park.ru is now hosting the files, go to the site or the Media Page to download the files. Thanks guys!

Projekt Revolution and the nu-metal myth
posted by Jas, 07/29/04
A review of Projekt Revolution show at Darien Lake from the Buffalo News

Projekt Revolution is Linkin Park's deal - the band initiated the coming-together of this collection of nu-metal wunderkinds. The band played last, following KoRn, and it seemed that no one among the roughly 75 percent capacity crowd left between the two bands' sets. This was not surprising; Linkin Park is to nu-metal what Bon Jovi was to '80s metal - clean, polished, redundant and decidedly white. The band's recent "Meteora" effort was the sixth best-selling album of 2003.

Linkin Park is toying with the myth of integration - the hybridization of white suburban music (metal) and black urban music (hip hop), and thus, the implication that the two cultures which produce this music have much in common. Judging by the band's commercial success (more than 10 million albums sold in four years as a band) and its continued pull as a live act , this myth has taken root with Linkin Park's audience.

This is certainly the triumph of style and image over substance and depth, but, to quote Frank Zappa, "It's a little bit cheesy, but it's nicely displayed!" Meaning, Linkin Park is one tight band, a near flawless recreation of its studio albums with a bit more gratuitous swearing thrown in to remind that you're actually watching a live band. Improvisation? Dude, that's gone the way of the gatefold double-vinyl album. Completely professional and well aware of what its audience wanted, Linkin Park - guitarist Brad Delson, vocalists Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington, drummer Rob Bourdon, bassist Phoenix Farrell, and DJ Joseph Hahn -plowed through a set of tunes highlighted by TRL Generation anthems like "Breaking the Hammer" and "In the End" and the more aggressive "Crawling" and "One Step Closer." KoRn preceded Linkin Park, and it was readily apparent that the older band has been a huge influence - particularly obvious when Linkin Park brought KoRn singer Jonathan Davis on stage twice during its set. (Davis, however, was pretty much inaudible within the screaming, muddy mix both times. Either that or his mic was being turned down . . .)

Bringing Down The House
posted by Jas, 07/29/04
Jo sent in scans of LP Singapore concert review from the August issue of LIME magazine.

Linkin Park learns to sharpen its tour de force
posted by Jas, 07/29/04
The Boston Globe has posted an interview with Mike where he talked about the low ticket price and why he hates the 'rap-rock' label.

Four bands urge flouting of authority
posted by Jas, 07/29/04
A review of the Projekt Revolution tour at the Darien Center, NY, from Democrat and Chronicle

As famed spoken-word artist and heroin addict Gil Scott-Heron once noted, "The revolution will not be televised." But without the assist of today's relentless video channels, you wonder whether anyone would even be aware there was a revolution in the first place. The Projekt Revolution Tour certainly implies there is one. Tuesday's 10-act, daylong show at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center featured four bands that have benefited immensely from video's image machine: Linkin Park, Korn, Snoop Dogg and the Used. And the revolution was clearly expressed by these inflammatory performers calling on their audience to participate in mass acts of "flipping the bird."

In the minds of the 10,000 at Darien Lake, the night clearly belonged to Linkin Park and Korn. Linkin Park is no stranger to self-absorption. A musically smart band, its intent is to break down the walls between hip-hop, classic rock, electronica, metal and grunge, creating something everyone can understand. Less suffocatingly cathartic than Korn, if angst isn't your bag, at least you can tune out the words and listen to the musical pieces come together.

Breaking The Habit DVD scans
posted by Jas, 07/29/04
superxero88 has posted scans of the Breaking The Habit DVD and the manga book.

Chester's not impressed by this year's Ozzfest lineup
posted by Jas, 07/29/04
Blabbermouth.net reports: Linkin Park's just-started Projekt Revolution festival tour is scoring better advance sales than Ozzy Osbourne's Ozzfest in almost every market this summer, according to Launch Radio Networks. Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington said he's not surprised, and that he's not particularly impressed with Ozzfest's lineup this year: "It's just too much of the same thing," Chester told Launch. "Usually, Ozzfest is pretty diverse, especially with metal, 'cause metal is so wide-ranged, like you could pretty much go all over the spectrum with a metal show. But even their bands are kind of all along the same super-metal genre, and you're gonna draw a very pigeonholed kind of audience with those kinds of lineups." In addition to Linkin Park, Projekt Revolution mixes the hard rock of Korn, The Used, Funeral For A Friend and Downset with rappers like Snoop Dogg and Ghostface and punk with Less Than Jake. Ozzfest's lineup this year is topped by Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Slayer, Slipknot and SuperJoint Ritual

July 28, 2004

Video Download: Linkin Park in Seoul, Korea
posted by Jas, 07/28/04
Swatbecks has captured this video clip from Korean TV of LP performing 'Don't Stay' and 'Somewhere I Belong', please note that this is not a full song, the length of the video is the same as the clip you see on the right frame (reload the site if you don't see it). File is 11mb in wmv format. If you want the file, email me your email address and I'll send it to you via yousendit.com. I will post LP's concert footage in Bangkok, Thailand on Friday.

Interview with Rob
posted by Jas, 07/28/04
Tammy sent in a link to an old interview with Rob where he talked about the early days of Linkin Park. Great history lesson for the newsbies.

Security snafus plague Projekt Revolution
posted by Jas, 07/28/04, from The Flint Journal
While the headliners got a good review of the show, the situation at the venue seems needs to be revised.

The Flint Journal reports: The single positive aspect of the Projekt Revolution came in the form of its three headliners: Snoop Dogg, Korn and Linkin Park. Snoop led off the pack, grabbed the crowd early and refused to let them go, playing a nice blend of his older and more recent hits, ending with two of his first smashes, "Snoop Doggy Dogg" and "Gin and Juice." Korn had more trouble keeping the crowd's attention, with its frequent and puzzling pauses between songs, when the band would walk off stage only to reappear seconds later. Still, Jonathon Davis' vocals and the rest of the band's musicianship were on target. Linkin Park, Projekt Revolution's masterminds, opened with "Don't Stay," laying the foundation for the rest of their performance by padding their well-known hits with some songs off their albums. They obviously took their job as headlining act seriously, performing each of their songs, regardless of popularity, as if it were their biggest hit. The professionalism of the headliners was almost enough to distract attention from the mess that was the rest of the day, but not quite. This is one Projekt that may need to go back to the drawing board.

MTV Video Music Awards Nominees
posted by Jas, 07/28/04, PR Newswire
Full list of 2004 MTV Video Music Awards nominees. Linkin Park's 'Breaking The Habit' has been nominated for Best Rock Video.

July 27, 2004

Video Download: Download Festival video
posted by Jas, 07/27/04
LPUnderground.nl is now hosting two videos from the Download Festival, 'Breaking The Habit' and 'One Step Closer'. Go to the site to download the videos.

Chester and Hoobastank video online
posted by Jas, 07/27/04
Hoobastank's new video, 'Same Direction' which has a cameo apparance by Chester is now online at MTV.com. He's at the beginning of the video, wearing sunglasses, cursing and swearing and doing the tongue thing lol!!. Update: Screencaps here (Thanks EL)

LP nominated for Video Music Awards
posted by Jas, 07/27/04
LP's 'Breaking The Habit' has been nominated for MTV Video Music Award in the Best Rock Video category. They are up against Jet ('Are You Gonna Be My Girl', The Darkness ('I Believe In A Thing Called Love'), Hoobastank ('The Reason') and Evanescence ('My Immortal'). The show will air on MTV on August 29 at 8 pm. Remember, you can still vote for LP for the Viewers Choice Award.

Breaking The Habit: Kimo Proudfoot version
posted by Jas, 07/27/04
Villains.com has posted Kimo Proudfoot version of Breaking The Habit video, click here to watch. If my guess is right, this video is included in the BTH DVD. Go here for Screencaps. There's also a video of all his works on Linkin Park here which include clips from Live In Texas DVD and promo videos for Meteora. Thanks to superxero88 at the LPMB for the link.

Snoop brings the party as Linkin Park's Revolution begins
posted by Jas, 07/27/04, from MTV.com
Cincinnati - Linkin Park thundered their way into the outdoor-festival season Friday with the kickoff of Projekt Revolution 2004, which this year features the biggest lineup in its three-year history.

Headliners Linkin Park were joined by Korn, Snoop Dogg, the Used and Less Than Jake on the main stage of the Riverbend Music Center amphitheater, playing before a crowd of more than 13,000 fans. The eight-hour event had all the surprise and excitement — as well as a few of the technical glitches — expected of an opening-night show. The switchover after Snoop's set lasted close to an hour before Korn finally hit their first notes, and nü-metal kingpins Linkin Park didn't begin until 40 minutes past their scheduled start. But long delays couldn't subdue the crowd's rowdy anticipation, and both Korn and Linkin Park delivered walloping sets, with Linkin Park going an additional 15 minutes past the 11 p.m. Riverbend curfew.

Opening their 19-song performance with "Don't Stay" and ending 75 minutes later with a fireworks-punctuated finale of "One Step Closer," Linkin Park's set was a string of hits, tied together with rarities like "Step Up" and a cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Wish." Rapper Mike Shinoda and singer/screamer Chester Bennington bounced up and down the ramps and risers of the metallic stage during such energy-overdrive hits as "Faint," "Somewhere I Belong" and "In the End," while the giant screen behind the band provided flickering music-video accompaniment during songs like "Breaking the Habit" and "From the Inside."

Breaking The Habit DVD in stores today!
posted by Jas, 07/27/04
The Breaking The Habit DVD and the manga book is out today! go grab a copy!

Linkin rocks the Pinoy park
posted by Jas, 07/27/04
Tammy sent in a link to LP press conference in Manila and a review of the concert.

It's 'State Of The Art'
posted by Jas, 07/27/04
Vop from LPUnderground.nl wrote in to say that the track that Chester did with DJ Lethal is called 'State Of The Art'

July 26, 2004

Chester, Korn collaboration
posted by Jas, 07/26/04, from Blabbermouth.net
Korn have set an October 12 release date through Epic Records for their upcoming best-of set, singer Jonathan Davis revealed this past weekend during an interview with Scoop of the Columbus, Ohio radio station The Blitz 99.7 FM. Several new cover songs have been recorded for possible inclusion on the CD, including Nine Inch Nail's "Head Like A Hole" (featuring a guest appearance by Linkin Park's Chester Bennington). A full-length collection of covers is also planned for release further down the line, according to the singer.

Video Download: LP and Pia in Singapore
posted by Jas, 07/26/04
Swatbecks has captured this video clip from Korean TV of Yohan (Pia's lead singer) performing One Step Closer with Linkin Park during LP's concert in Singapore. The guy was clearly overcome by emotion, lucky bugger! The full video is mostly about Pia and it's 10 mb, the edited LP part only is 5 mb, it's the same clip you see on the right frame (reload the site if you don't see it), both in wmv format. If you want the file, email me your email address and I'll send it to you via yousendit.com. Please state in your email if you want the full video or just LP. Swatbecks has also sent in clips of LP's concert in Seoul Korea last year, I will put that up and the Bangkok concert that I promised, within this week.

LP articles from Philippines magazines
posted by Jas, 07/26/04
Lyn has scanned a Linkin Park article from the Most Requested Song magazine and an excellent review of the Manila concert from the Magmag magazine. Thanks Lyn. Update: Lyn sends in a larger scans of the articles.

Clip of DJ Lethal and Chester Bennington collaboration
posted by Jas, 07/26/04
meteorarocker411 at the LPUMB managed to tape about 30 seconds of the song that DJ Lethal had been recording with Chester. To download the file right click here and save target as..

Singapore concert photos
posted by Jas, 07/26/04
depmode sent in these pictures from the Singapore concert. Update: I've taken down the pics due to copyright issues.

July 25, 2004

LP Book Pre-order
posted by Jas, 07/25/04
Fans living outside US can pre-order the book, From The Inside: Linkin Park's Meteora, at
Amazon.com, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, and Amazon Japan.

Linkin Park steps in to pump up summer concert season
posted by Jas, 07/25/04, from The Flint Journal
Lollapalooza may be dead and gone, at least for this year, but Linkin Park's Projekt Revolution summer tour could fill the void. The idea, says Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, is to give audience members a lot of choices over the course of a nine-hour day. "We come from the attention deficit disorder generation," laughed Bennington, speaking from a Los Angeles deli prior to the 32-city tour's start last Friday in Cincinnati (Monday's DTE Energy Music Theatre show is the third stop on the tour). "Before it was Generation X and the baby boomers, now it's give-me-everything-right now. I don't listen to one kind of music, and I don't know that many people who do. Who wants to see eight hours of metal, unless you're just a diehard. I love metal as much as anyone, but there's no way I'd do it for eight hours. "It's all about bringing diversity and giving (fans) something different every time they see a band." It is expected to be one of the highest-grossing tours of the summer.

Bennington and drummer Rob Bourdon are the big-picture guys on this. "We looked at all different kinds of things. One is when I made a list of bands, typically it was because I like the bands," Bennington said. "But really, what it comes down to is they all represent different kinds of aspects of music. I'd ask, 'Why would this band be a good idea to have on this tour?' Each band serves a purpose. When we asked Korn, the idea was to give the tour that edge it needs, that energy it needs. Snoop Dogg is one of those guys who's a legend. He's got a lot of great music, and he brings a good party vibe, a good time and a good feel to the tour. That's important."

It's likely that Projekt Revolution will return next summer, especially if it's successful this year, and if Linkin Park has some new music to play. Bennington said they're working on that, having refitted their studio bus so the band can work on new songs during the tour. "We're all hoping to get a record out next year," he said. "We'll probably start cranking on the songs in

LP Hong Kong & Singapore concert reviews
posted by Jas, 07/25/04
Ultimate-Guitar.com has posted fans' reviews of LP concert in Hong Kong and Singapore last month. Thanks to LPRulez1098 at the LPUMB for the link.

DC clientele shoes pre-order
posted by Jas, 07/25/04, from LPU Headquaters
The DC Clientele Shoe Remixed by Mike Shinoda (available in black and brown) will be up for preorder starting TODAY Friday July 23rd. This limited edition shoe can be preordered this Friday by heading over to LinkinParkMerch.com. Pre-ordered shoes will receive a free Projekt Revolution Sampler CD when their shoe is shipped (while supplies last). 100% of Mike's proceeds from the shoe will be donated to the Michael K Shinoda scholarship to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena (the both Mike and Joe Hahn attended).

Linkin Park leads the week in music
posted by Jas, 07/24/04, from SILive
Everlast, Buddahead, Glen Burtnik, Steel Mill Retro and a star-studded heavy metal hip-hop show featuring Linkin Park and Snoop Dogg highlight this week's area concert picks. Projeckt Revolution comes to the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, N.J. Friday night. This "Projeckt" features Linkin Park, Snoop Dogg, The Used and Less Than Jake. Tickets are $49.50.

July 24, 2004

From The Inside: Linkin Park's Meteora
posted by Jas, 07/24/04, from LPU Headquaters
Linkin Park's brand new full color book documenting their 2003/2004 around the world touring cycle will be available for pre-order by the end of the day TODAY, July 23rd. This book is filled with deluxe full-page, full-color photos on premium paper, capturing an intimate glance to Linkin Park's life on the road with hand-written captions by the band members themselves. You can reserve your copy of this book at LinkinParkMerch.com. There will be a limited number of books signed by Linkin Park and inserted randomly into orders.

LP Singapore concert reviews
posted by Jas, 07/24/04
Here are scans of LP's concert reviews from local magazines, Teenage and Teens. Nothing bugs me more than a reporter who didn't do his homework.

Linkin Park Heads Out on Tour
posted by Jas, 07/24/04, from Associated Press
Singer Chester Bennington has been staying up all night the past few weeks, even though his band Linkin Park didn't start touring until Friday. "I force myself to stay up all night before tours to get ready," Bennington told The Associated Press. "We don't get off stage until 11 p.m., by the time we get to our hotels it's late, and I don't want to be ready for bed when I'm on stage." But, he says, he and his bandmates are all "spoken for," and they don't go out on the town much after their shows. "We're not out chasing chicks. We have responsibilities," he said.

The band is known for its blend of hip-hop and heavy rock riffs. They pieced together an eclectic bunch of bands ranging from Snoop Dogg to Korn for their "Projekt Revolution" tour, which kicked off Friday in Cincinnati and will tour the country until September. "Many bands won't tour with other bands because they aren't the same music, but we want to change that," he said. "We wanted to bring punk, metal, rock, hip-hop, pop, everything together to show how different and cool it all is." Bennington, who screams through many of the band's songs, says he keeps his voice clear on tour by drinking 6-8 liters of water per day, plus several bottles of Gatorade. If he gets hoarse, he'll down a little "Throat Coat," an herbal tea. "I've been doing this for a long time. My voice has gotten used to it," he said. "Drill sergeants yell at people every day and they don't loose their voices." The band's latest album "Meteora" was released in 2003.

Become a Projekt Revolution Ticket Rep
posted by Jas, 07/24/04, from LPU Headquaters
Clear Channel is offering a program where fans can promote the tour online and get credit for each successful ticket purchase linked back to them. Each ticket sale completed through the ticket rep is a step closer to winning a variety of prizes such as Ibanez guitars, Gameboy Advance SP's, meet and greets, and the Grand Prize of roundtrip airfare to the San Francisco Bay Area, complete with hotel, two VIP box seats, and two passes to the backstage viewing platform for Projekt Revolution at Shoreline Amphitheatre on September 5, 2004 to watch the show from a private viewing area backstage! For EACH of the first 10,000 tickets sold through the Projekt Revolution Ticket Rep system, Linkin Park and Clear Channel will together donate money to charities of Linkin Park's choice, so every ticket you help to sell will make a difference. To sign up to be a ticketing rep or read more about it, visit PRTicketRep.cc.com. No purchase necessary, subject to official rules

Projekt Revolution CD's reserved for LPU at Projekt Relovution
posted by Jas, 07/24/04, from LPU Headquaters
As a member of the LP Underground at Projekt Revolution, you are entitled to pick up your free copy of the Projekt Revolution CD Sampler at any of the Projekt Revolution shows this summer. The Projekt Revolution CD sampler features audio tracks and enhanced content from 19 different artists, including exclusive, rare and live tracks, and the LIVE version of Breaking the Habit. This CD sampler has 6 tracks in addition to the online version available at PRsampler.com to all ticket holders. Some artists featured on this CD include Linkin Park, Korn, Story of the Year, Snoop Dogg, Helmet, Thursday, Thrice, Jadakiss, Funeral For A Friend, No Warning, and more.

To pick up your copy of the sampler, simply bring your LP Underground3 membership card with you to Projekt Revolution and head over to the black Machine Shop Marketing booth at Revolution Village before sundown. Present your card and in return you will receive a free sampler! Only one sampler per membership card per person. The Machine Shop Marketing booth will also be supplied with LPU fliers and DC Shoe fliers for everyone, so be sure to stop by and pick them up.

At the end of the entire show, additional Projekt Revolution samplers will be handed out at the doors, but there are not enough for every person in the venue and they will go FAST so if you are in LPU be sure to reserve yours during the day so you don't miss out. Let anyone contemplating joining the LPU know that when they join from now until the end of the tour, they'll get one of these CD's mailed out with their membership package.

July 23, 2004

Happy Cockroach video
posted by Jas, 07/23/04
LPU members, head over to LPUnderground.com to see Chester playing a 'Happy Birthday' tune using a cockroach whistle thing, LOL!! this has got to be the funniest and the most adorable clip I've ever seen. Looks like it was at the Hong Kong meet and greet. To the members who were there at that moment please email me and tell me what happened. Update: Many of you have asked for the video, I'm sorry I can't post it here or send it to you, you will have to become an LPU member to have this privilege, sorry guys. However, I've made some caps for those who can't afford to join, hope it's okay.... no LP fan should be deprived of LP goodies ;-)

Korn, Linkin Park singers offer advice to new bands: 'Find your own style"
posted by Jas, 07/23/04, from Blabbermout.net
KORN's Jonathan Davis and Linkin Park's Chester Bennington recently spoke to Revolver (September issue) magazine about the hundreds of bands that have copped their sound in the years since their came out with their first al bums. "It f***ing sucks," Davis said. "At first, it was totally flattering. The first time I remember was the Sepultura 'Roots' record, the one Ross [Robinson] did. I sat there with my f***ing jaw on the floor, like, 'You gotta f***ing be kidding me!' But I looked up to Sepultura way back when, so it was kind of flattering. Then a gazillion copycats copped the sound too. It makes music suck. It's like, go find your own f***ing style. We found one. Linkin found one. And Chester, if I was you, I'd be beating Evanescence's ass."

"It's funny," Chester said. "I met them [Evanescence] in the studio when they were recording their record. We were both recording in the same building. I was talking to [singer Amy Lee]. And she was nice. She said, 'We're having these problems. Everyone at our label wants us to be you.' I told her that's lame. She agreed. She said they went as far as wanting to ask Mike [Shinoda, Linkin Park's second singer] to do a part on a song. She said, 'We knew he wouldn't do it.' So they're running around trying to get guys in other bands to do it like he would. ' I told her to be herself and tell the label to put it where the sun doesn't shine. But the next thing I heard was 'Bring Me to Life' with a guy that sounded just like Mike. It was a little upsetting." (thanks to LinkinLover4ever at LPUMB for the link)

The Revolution has begun
posted by Jas, 07/23/04
Looks like the official site, LinkinPark.com is preparing for a new look.

Kanye, Chester Bennington make cameos in Hoobastank clip
posted by Jas, 07/23/04, from MTV.com
One of Hoobastank's two upcoming videos for "Same Direction" shows singer Doug Robb auditioning for the band. He easily gets the gig, of course, but had it been reality, the other candidates might've given him a run for his money. "I think we got three vocalists for this thing that are like the biggest guys in their genre of music," guitarist Dan Estrin bragged of the cameos in the clip. Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, Good Charlotte's Benji Madden and Kanye West all audition for Estrin and his equally unimpressed bandmates in the clip before Robb has his chance. The "Same Direction" video that ties into the clip for "The Reason" will debut next week.

Chester in Hoobastank music video update
posted by Jas, 07/23/04
Here's a scan of the picture from the report in the August issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Can't believe I spent $11 just for the tiny little picture.

Linkin Park's members take business of music seriously
posted by Jas, 07/23/04
The Cincinnati Post picked up the story from the LA Times we posted couple of days ago, this is a short version. You can read the full version here

Linkin Park bring the Revolution to you
posted by Jas, 07/23/04
More sites reporting on LP's Projekt Revolution Tour which kicks off today in Cincinnati, Ohio. Reports from Big News Network and IGN.com

Open for entertainment
posted by Jas, 07/23/04
Check out the new venue, the Ford Amphitheatre, in Tampa, Florida. The Projekt Revolution tour will hit this venue on August 18.

July 23, 2004

Music Video: Linkin Park in Singapore
posted by Jas, 07/22/04
To mark the one month anniversary of LP's concert in Singapore (lol! I must be crazy), I've made a little music video containing fans' photos and concert footage from the news specially for the Singapore fans and anyone who's interested. Will make one for the Thai fans and post it sometime next week. What a night, definitely one of the highlights of my life. If you want the file, email me your email address and I'll send it to you via yousendit.com. File is 9 mb in wmv and 37 mb in mpg, please state in your email which format you prefer. I've posted a short clip on the right frame for you to see, hope you like it.

LP on Rage
posted by Jas, 07/22/04
While cleaning up her hard disk, Indrax found this short quicktime movie clip of Brad, Chester and Rob hosting an Australian video music show called RAGE during their first visit to Australia in 2001. This is just an intro, if any of you out there has the full show please email me. Thanks Indrax.

Chester in Hoobastank music video
posted by Jas, 07/22/04
There's a discussion on the LPUMB about Chester's appearance on Hoobastank's new video. I did a little snooping around at the Hoobastank's message board trying to find a scan and this was posted by hooba226 on the board, from the Rolling Stone magazine:

Two teams of college kids got to make videos for Hoobastank's "Same Direction" (it's a contest). One has a disgruntled former band member (like when Eddie Murphy was Clarence, the fifth Beatle, says singer Doug Robb), and the other has Chester Bennington from Linkin Park, Joel Madden from Good Charlotte and Kanye West trying out for Hooba's vocal slot. What happens to the losing team? Says Robb, "They will be killed".

This is what the caption below the pictures says and it has a pic from the set of Kanye "trying out" for the band, with Dan in the backround being goofy and rocking out with his guitar. There's also a smaller pic of Chester, Markku, Joel, Dan, Billy and Doug all together.

July 21, 2004

BTH Manga book release date change again
posted by Jas, 07/21/04
C'mon! make up your mind! got another update from the official LP newsletter:
Linkin Park's Breaking the Habit Cine-Manga/DVD set will be available in stores TUESDAY July 27th! This special 49 page Cine-Manga is paired with the Breaking the Habit DVD featuring the video and behind the scenes footage. Come Tuesday, check out stores such as Best Buy, Target, Musicland, Borders, FYE, Circuit City, and many more to purchase this limited edition combo. For a more complete listing of stores that will be carrying this item visit www.linkinpark.com. Bandmerch is offering a preorder of this combo along with an exclusive Breaking the Habit t-shirt online. To check out this offer visit LinkinParkMerch.com.

Projekt Revolution ticket sweepstakes
posted by Jas, 07/21/04
From LP Newsletter: Enter for your chance to win two tickets to a Projekt Revolution show of your choice by taking part in the Projekt Revolution Ticket Sweepstakes. For every one of the 32 Projekt Revolution show dates, a winner will be randomly selected to win a pair of tickets for the show they selected. No purchase necessary.

An update from Mike
posted by Jas, 07/21/04
Mike has updated his Numb Journal, the guys are getting ready for the Projekt Revolution Tour which starts this Friday. Check it out!

Linkin Park / Jay-Z MTV Mash-Up
posted by Jas, 07/21/04
About 100 lucky LPU members got to watch the taping of LP and Jay-Z concert on MTV last Sunday. Brad posted a message in one of the threads saying that the show will be made available for the fans in some format in the near future. There's a little mention on this at AllHipHop.com:

Looks like MTV has got wind of the Mash-Up's trend. We heard that Jigga and Linkin Park did a recent performance where they rock jams like "Big Pimpin," "99 Problems," "Encore," and others. Of course, the Park got to rock too. For y'all that don't know, a Mash-Up is just a mix of two very different types of music. So, wasn't an 80's Run DMC mashing it up when they resurrected Aerosmith from the dungeons of rock hell? Cypress Hill's Muggs has a Mash Up's album coming, but he better hurry up!

Here are a couple of reviews posted on the LPU message board:

snoop23 - That show was awesome!!!!! When everyone gets to see it on TV you are all going to flip! They actually had to do half of the show over again cause MTv guys messed up the lighting or something! So we all got to see LP and Jay-Z do half of the show all over again! I can't wait to see the show on MTV because it was such a rocking show. They played such great remixes and Mr. Hahn you kicked ass!!!! You mixed so good last night with LP and Jay-Z's stuff that it just flowed so well. Lp played some of their tunes from HT-EP which was so cool cause they mixed it up with Jay-Z!!!! They played all their great hits and just made the whole show by mixing it all up!!
HIghVoltage12 - Last night was something I will NEVER forget! Absolutely hands down the best part was when Mike said the MTV lighting guys messed up and they had to do half the show over again! Then seeing Brad and Chaz mess up was pretty funny

July 20, 2004

Review of LP's Download concert from Kerrang
posted by Jas, 07/20/04
Nadz sent in a scan of a good review of LP's performance at the Download Festival from Kerrang magazine.

Interview with Mike and Brad in Metal Edge
posted by Jas, 07/20/04
ruffles has typed up and posted on the LPUMB this interview with Mike and Brad from the September issue of Metal Edge

Hong Kong concert pics
posted by Jas, 07/20/04
c_lover320 sent these pics of LP's recent concert in Hong Kong.

Video Download: The Twilight Show
posted by Jas, 07/20/04
Update: Linkin-Park.ru is now hosting the mpg format of the file (63mb), click here to download (right click and save target as...)

July 19, 2004

Land of Linkin
posted by Jas, 07/19/04
Thanks to Sumisetter at the LPUMB for this Linkin Park article from LA Times. What a great article!

House of Blues(R) Launches $20 Ticket Promotion in More Than 17 Amphitheatres Nationwide
posted by Jas, 07/19/04, from PR Newswire
House of Blues is celebrating the remaining summer concert season by offering concert goers the opportunity to purchase $20 seats to more than 80 House of Blues shows nationwide. In partnership with Ticketmaster and AOL, House of Blues will offer $20 tickets online beginning Monday, July 19 through Sunday, July 25. The $20 ticket promotion promises patrons the chance to purchase tickets without any per-ticket service charges. Some shows offer purchase opportunities such as Buy 3 Lawn Tickets & Get the 4th FREE, and 2 for 1 offers on select reserved seats. This promotional offer affords fans the opportunity to see such great artists as Jessica Simpson, Josh Groban, Linkin Park, Edgefest/Evanescence, George Benson, KISS, Ozomatli, The Cure, Sin Bandera, Ozzfest, Rush, Michael W. Smith, Linda Ronstadt, Maybelline New York Chicks With Attitude Tour with Liz Phair and many more super star acts at some of these premiere venues

Video Download: The Twilight Show
posted by Jas, 07/19/04
As promised, here's a video clip of Chester, Brad and Rob on the Twilight Show (Thailand) captured by Puean, thanks Puean. File is 44 mb in wmv format and is available for download via yousendit.com. Email me your email address if you want the file. Will post an update if it's available for download on one of the hosting sites. Here are the screencaps I posted earlier this month. I will be posting three short clips from the interview through out the week so look out for it on the right frame. In the next couple of weeks I will post LP's performance ('Don't Stay' and 'Lying From You') from their concert in Bangkok, Thailand. I will try to put the caps up first in the next few days. Update: Linkin-Park.ru is now hosting the mpg format of the file (63mb), click here to download (right click and save target as...)

LP doing a cover of Josh Groban's song, hey you'll never know
posted by Jas, 07/19/04
As we all know popera singer Josh Groban (who is a LP fan) did a cover version of LP's 'My December', in this interview aired on CNN recently Josh mentioned a lil' bit about it. Here's a transcript posted by IamAmazed at Josh's official fanclub website

DQ: Groban sings mostly in English but dabbles in Italian, French and Spanish
Josh: Everytime I take on a song in another language, there's a ton of homework that goes into it and I know what I'm singing - every single line, I study exactly what the song means
DQ: But his task is far from highbrow. He's raised eyebrows with a cover of a song by rock group Linkin Park
Josh: We added an 80 piece orchestra to it so it kind of had a real orchestral rock feel
DQ: Well maybe they'll do a cover of one of your songs
Josh: Hey, that'll be the day (laughs), we'll see.

While I'm at it, here's an old interview with Josh (I'm a fan, can't you tell :-) during his visit to Japan where he talked about covering 'My December'. I had wanted to ask Mike about this at my meet & greet with LP last month but I totally forgot! doh!

July 18, 2004

Catch LP's Rock Am Ring concert on MTV and MTV 2
posted by Jas, 07/19/04, from RockOnTV
Watch selected LP's performance at this year's Rock Am Ring festival on July 28 at 9 pm, July 29 at 10 am and July 30 at 2:30 am on MTV 2 and July 30 at 6 pm on MTV. All times eastern, please check local listings for confirmation

Re: Rock Am Ring concert video
posted by Jas, 07/18/04
Please note that this file is temporarily offline until further notice. Yousendit.com now has a limit of how many people you can send a file to at one time (roughly about 7 email addresses) and due to the size of the file, uploading the file sometimes takes a whole day. As I have quite a number of people on the list, I've decided not to take anymore request for this file until it is sent to these people. I will post an update when I'm ready to take in another request. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Watch Numb and From The Inside videos on MTV.com
posted by Jas, 07/18/04, from MTV.com
You can now watch the official From The Inside video as well as Numb and From The Inside performances from Live In Texas DVD on MTV.com

Excuse me, I'm trying to mosh here
posted by Jas, 07/18/04, from YDR.com
Nü-metal bands and their fans totally destroyed the meaning and significance of the mosh pit. A song must be fast to mosh, not heavy and sad. If you have ever moshed at a Staind or Linkin Park concert, seriously, you really need to consider establishing an identity. In case you stumble upon or into one around here or in your travels elsewhere, here's a list of guidelines to prevent people from acting like they are at a Staind or Linkin Park show. Oy Oy Oy!!

July 16, 2004

Video Download: MTV Ask (Thailand)
posted by Jas, 07/16/04
Linkin-Park.ru is now hosting the video, right click here and save. Thanks guys! Those who prefer yousendit.com, email me your email address and I'll send you the download link to the file.

LP concert in Brazil
posted by Jas, 07/16/04
Linkin Park is coming to Brazil, linkinparkbr.com reports that local radio station 89 FM confirmed that Linkin Park will have a concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil on September 11, no venue is set yet.

Get Linkin Park CDs
posted by Jas, 07/16/04, from The Star Online
Catch Phat Fabes on Hitz.fm Late Net Show and win autographed copies of Linkin Park's VCDs. Listen to Phat Fabes today hosting the Late Net Show from 10pm till 2am, and you stand to pick up the Grammy Award-winning band's Meteora Tour Edition CD. So dial 03-9543 3311 after the cue to call to try your luck. The band set out with its sophomore album to create a sense of timelessness and expansiveness, and now it has succeeded in topping that by releasing a limited edition complete with a bonus VCD of four music videos.

Breaking The Habit enters Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart
posted by Jas, 07/16/04
Breaking the Habit debuts at # 74 on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart this week

July 15, 2004

Video Download: MTV Ask (Thailand)
posted by Jas, 07/14/04
As promised, here's a video clip of Phoenix, Joe and Mike on MTV Ask (Thailand) captured by Jay, thanks Jay. File is 38 mb in wmv format and is available for download via yousendit.com. Email me your email address if you want the file. Will post an update if it's available for download on one of the hosting sites. In the meantime, here are the screencaps and I've also made some caps from the LP on ASAP Mania clip. Coming next week, the Twilight Show video

MTV Buzz and Bangkok concert pics
posted by Jas, 07/15/04
Added these 5 caps from MTV Buzz (Thailand) from Puean. She has also sent in more fan's pics from the Bangkok gig. Thanks Puean

VMA 2004 Viewers Choice Pre-Nominations Poll
posted by Jas, 07/14/04, from MTV.com
MTV has posted a viewers choice pre-nominations poll for the 2004 Video Music Awards, Linkin Park's 'Breaking The Habit' is on the list, go vote for LP so they will be nominated for the Viewers Choice award.

July 14, 2004

Video Download: LP Times videos
posted by Jas, 07/14/04
Good news everyone, ci-lp.com is now hosting some of the video files posted here the past couple of weeks. They are the Rock am Ring video, LP on ASAP Mania, MTV Ask: LP, Breaking The Habit 'live', Joe's interview on MTV Japan and Mike on Punk'd. All download links to these files have been added to the Media Page or go to ci-lp.com's Download Page to download the files. Huge thanks to them, Linkin-Park.ru, ci-lp.com, The Mikey Overload and Manas for their generosity, thank you guys.

Concert tickets for $10
posted by Jas, 07/14/04, from Palm Beach Post
Another good deal from Sound Advice Amphitheatre: For nine shows this summer, a limited number of lawn tickets will be sold for $10 each. But there's a catch: The deal is first-come, first-served; you can't buy more than four per show; and you have to buy them Friday between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., either at the Sound Advice box office or through Ticketmaster. The box office buys are a straight $10, with no parking fee. Ticketmaster will have add-ons, but, wonder upon wonder, even those will be reduced. Shows with the $10 lawn tickets: The Cure's Curiosa Festival (July 24), Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire (July 28), Rush (July 29), Kiss and Poison (July 30), Linkin Park, Korn, Snoop Dogg (Aug. 17), Crosby, Stills & Nash (Aug. 21), Ozzfest with Black Sabbath (Sept. 4), Sting and Annie Lennox (Sept. 8) and Norah Jones (Nov. 14).

July 13, 2004

Video Download: LP on ASAP Mania
posted by Jas, 07/13/04
Linkin-Park.ru is now hosting this file, right click here and save. Thanks guys!

Your guide to hits and misses for summer concerts
posted by Jas, 07/12/04, from Pressconnects.com
Must See: Projekt Revolution, 2:30 p.m., July 27, at the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, Darien Center. Tickets are going to run you either $39.50 or $49.50. This combination of heavy metal kings Korn, hip hop goofball Snoop Dogg and rap rockers Linkin Park is one of the summer's best bets. The Used and Less Than Jake also will perform on the main stage, but keep an eye out for two of my favorite hip hop artists -- Ghostface and M.O.P., performing on the Revolution Stage.

July 12, 2004

Video Download: LP on ASAP Mania
posted by Jas, 07/12/04
Lyn has captured Brad, Rob and Chester's appearance on ASAP Mania when the band was in Philippines last month. Video is available for download via yousendit.com, it's 8 mb in wmv format. Email me your email address if you want the file. I'm sorry I can't make any screencaps at the moment due to busy life, will try to make some later this week. I also have a video of Joe, Mike and Phoenix on MTV Ask Thailand (thanks Jay) but you will have to wait till next week or maybe this weekend or as soon as I don't receive much request for the ASAP Mania video. Stay tuned.

Punk'd: Mike episode on MTV Asia
posted by Jas, 07/12/04
Minhthao wrote in to say that repeat telecast of Mike's episode on Punk'd will be on Tuesday, July 13 at 10 am and Thursday, July 15 at 3:30 pm. All times are for MTV Southeast Asia except Indonesia and Philippines.

Win exclusive importerd LP t-shirt and banner
posted by Jas, 07/12/04, from The Star
In conjunction with the release of Meteora Tour Edition, Warner Music Malaysia would like to reward die-hard fans of Linkin Park. Every 15th person who walks into Warner's office at 9th Floor MUI Plaza, Jalan P.Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur, will receive an imported Linkin Park T-shirt and the 100th person will receive an exclusive imported banner of Linkin Park. The contestant will have to bring a copy of the album, Meteora Tour Edition, and this article to participate in the walk-in contest. Every participant will also receive a Linkin Park sticker. The walk-in contest will take place this Friday from 3pm to 6pm.

Putting pedal to Metal to discover new alloys
posted by Jas, 07/12/04, from The New York Times
An article about metal band Candiria that mentions Linkin Park:
One of the main things that happened in metal over the last few years is that Linkin Park changed the game: feelings, frailty, uncertainty and strong choruses reached masses of female listeners, sold many millions of albums and became a new standard. It's a formula worth cozying up to, and here and there Candiria backs off from making musicians' music, with the "Dungeons and Dragons" concrete-poetry determinism of the lyrics, opting for vulnerability, soaring choruses and pop harmony.

July 11, 2004

Q & A: Phoenix
posted by Jas, 07/11/04
Lyn sent in scans of an interview with Phoenix from the July issue of MTV Ink (Philippines) magazine.

Interview with Phoenix from FHM magazine
posted by Jas, 07/11/04
Pam has typed up an interview with Phoenix from Philippines edition of FHM magazine

July 10, 2004

Pictures: Linkin Park and PIA in Singapore
posted by Jas, 07/10/04
swatbecks sent in a picture of Chester and Korean band PIA backstage before LP concert in Korea in October last year. A picture of Chester and Yohan (PIA's vocalist) performing One Step Closer and pictures of LP and the band backstage at the Singapore concert last month. I've also replaced the link to PIA's article from the Korean Herald I posted last November with a scan from swatbecks.

Manga book & BTH DVD release date change
posted by Jas, 07/10/04
The official LP Newsletter has announced that the 49 page Cine-Manga and the Breaking the Habit DVD will be out in stores on July 21. You can pre-order them at LinkinParkMerch.com.

South East Asia M&G and concert pics
posted by Jas, 07/10/04
Added a concert pics from LPfrenzy and m&g pics from Liberty.Thanks guys!

Linkin's parked at top of Y-100 list
posted by Jas, 07/10/04, from Delco Times
Believe it or not LP's 'In The End' has been voted the number 1 song on Y-100 online poll by listeners.

Low-cost tickets to be available
posted by Jas, 07/10/04, from The Ledger
Special $10 tickets will be available to upcoming concerts at the new Ford Amphitheatre in Tampa when its new box office opens Saturday. Beginning at 10 a.m. Saturday, and available that day only, the amphitheater's box office will sell $10 lawn tickets (limit of four per person, per concert) to every announced performance at the new venue, except for the Dave Matthews Band on July 29, which is sold out. The special $10 tickets won't be available at any other outlet. Concerts included in the promotion are: Linkin Park, Korn and Snoop Dogg on Aug. 18; Boston on Aug. 24; Ozzfest on Sept. 2; Sting and Annie Lennox on Sept. 9; and Norah Jones on Nov. 12. Reserved-seat tickets for each concert are also available for each show. The amphitheater and box office are on the northeast corner of the Florida State Fairgrounds at Interstate 4 and U.S. 301.

Q & A with Third Hill's Lance 'Q' Johnson
posted by Jas, 07/10/04, from Kansas.com
What band or artist would you want to be president of your fan club?
I would love to hang out with Linkin Park. Great attitudes.

July 9, 2004

Projekt Revolution Meet & Greet Signups Starting now!
posted by Jas, 07/09/04, from LP Newsletter
The Meet and Greet sign-ups for the Projekt Revolution shows are starting now! if you're an LPU member log on to LPUnderground.com and send your request for a meet and greet pass. Good luck!

Win Mike Shinoda's DC shoe
posted by Jas, 07/09/04, from LP Newsletter
From official LP Newsletter: Mike Shinoda and DC Shoe have collaborated and come up with an awesome pair of limited edition Clientele Remix shoes that will be available for purchase in the fall. To receive the latest updates on the Clientele Shoe, sign up for the DC Shoe mailing list. You will be contacted by e-mail when pre-orders begin, when the shoes will be available in stores, and info about other DC Shoe products. To win yourself one of twenty pairs of the DC Clientele Remix shoes, enter the Clientele Remix Sweepstakes. No Purchase Necessary.

MTV2's start the Revolution with Linkin Park's Sweepstakes
posted by Jas, 07/09/04, from MTV.com
Linkin Park have convened big dogs and new jacks alike for their two-stage Projekt Revolution Tour and MTV2 wants you in the center of it all. We're sending one lucky winner and a guest to see Linkin Park, Korn, Snoop Dogg, The Used, Ghostface, Less Than Jake and more when they hit the road this summer, plus two night's hotel accommodation. Enter now--that's one project you'll be amped to take on.

July 8, 2004

Video Downlaod: MTV Ask - Linkin Park
posted by Jas, 07/08/04
Both Linkin-Park.ru and Manas (scroll to the bottom of the page) are hosting this video. You can go to either site to download the file. Thank you guys. Those who still prefer yousendit.com email me your email address and I'll send you the link to download the file. Also thanks to Sanni for helping me out with the email requests :-)

1 billion people listen to 'Numb' each week
posted by Jas, 07/08/04, from USA Today
BDS electronically monitors hundreds of radio stations with top 40, country, R&B and adult contemporary formats, and each week ranks the most popular songs according to audience impressions, based on the number of times each station plays a song and the number of people listening to the station at the time each song is played . Linkin Park's 'Numb' is in the top 30 list at #23

July 7, 2004

Video Downlaod: MTV Ask - Linkin Park
posted by Jas, 07/06/04
Update: Both Linkin-Park.ru and Manas (scroll to the bottom of the page) are hosting this video. You can go to either site to download the file. Thank you guys. Those who still prefer yousendit.com email me your email address and I'll send you the link to download the file. Also thanks to Sanni for helping me out with the email requests :-)

FHM interview with Chester
posted by Jas, 07/07/04
Dusk has typed up the interview with Chester from the May 2003 issue of FHM (Singapore) magazine. This took place at the time when Chester and Joe were in Singapore for the 2003 MTV Asia awards.

LP in Jakarta video clips
posted by Jas, 07/07/04
Indonesia's SCTV channel, Liputan6.com has posted 3 video clips of LP's visit in Jakarta last month. There's a clip of the press conference (just footage), the interview with Mike and Phoenix that we posted yesterday and the the concert report. All videos are unfortunately in very low quality, I'll try to get a better version. Any Indonesian fans who had taped this show and can make a digital clip please email me. Thanks to Indax for the link.

South East Asia M&G and concert review
posted by Jas, 07/04/04
Added a concert review from Wee Wee and replaced ddreamzz100's report with a detailed account. Thanks guys!

July 6, 2004

Video Downlaod: MTV Ask - Linkin Park
posted by Jas, 07/06/04
Alright final list of request for the RaR video has been answered, I'm ready to make the MTV Ask video available for download via yousendit.com, so if you want it, you know the drill. Email me your email address and I'll send you the link. File is 39 mb and in wmv format. Please note that this is not a new interview, I missed it the first time it was aired, it's probably a year old.

Interview with Mike and Phoenix
posted by Jas, 07/06/04
Indrax has transcribed an interview with Mike and Phoenix aired on SCTV (Indonesia) just hours before the Jakarta concert.

Fan's concert review
posted by Jas, 07/06/04
Added a review of Manila concert from Diary15

July 5, 2004

My m&g report and concert review
posted by Jas, 07/05/04
Not much to report today so here's my m&g report and concert review if anyone's interested. I have to warn you, it's long! hey it's not every year LP come to my country so bare with me :-). Special thanks to Dusk for letting me use one of her pictures. I've also replaced her review with a more detailed account. Also added are more pics from Fallencrystal and Nadz (check out the lifesize LP standees at the back on Nadz's pics, they gave those away to contest winners!). Thanks guys.

Much Music Video awards
posted by Jas, 07/05/04
I thought I already posted this but I guess not. Linkin Park has won the People's Choice Favourite International Group award at the 2004 Much Music Video Awards. (thanks Bujar)

July 4, 2004

Another meet & greet story added
posted by Jas, 07/04/04
Added a meet and greet story and pictures from Dusk

LP Jakarta concert reports
posted by Jas, 07/03/04
Indrax sent in a translation of quotes and reports on LP's Jakarta concert.

From Tembang.com:

  • "Ah, we knew about Indonesia for a long time, but we don't really know their specific types of music they're into. So, when the travel warning surfaced, we just ignored it"- Chester
  • "We don't want to see anyone pushing each other around. We're all friends, right? Please help us to make this show enjoyable for you all" - Chester, during the fifth song

    From Jakarta Post:
    During Faint, one of their singles in the latest multiplatinum album Meteora, the ground literally shook when the crowd was up on its feet, jumping and dancing to the beat. However, the enthusiasm made the crowd unmanageable, causing dozens of young people standing close to the stage to faint after being pushed against the security wall from behind.

    July 3, 2004

    Re: Rock Am Ring concert video
    posted by Jas, 07/03/04
    Just want to let everybody know that it's gonna take awhile before you get this video because I have a looooong list of people to send to and due to the size of the file, it's taking ages for me to upload it even though I have broadband connection and it's frustrating. So please be patient, if you've sent me your email address don't email me again.

    Interview with Chester in Spin and Rolling Stone
    posted by Jas, 07/03/04
    meteorarocker411 has typed up the interview with Chester in the July issue of Spin magazine. Speaking of interview, I was doing some spring cleaning, throwing away old magazines and found this old interview with Chester from the June 2003 issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

    MTV Ask: Linkin Park
    posted by Jas, 07/03/04
    I'm not putting this video up for download yet, I still have a long list of video request to answer so in the mean time I've made some screencaps from the show (click on Screencaps / Music Video)

    More meet & greet story added
    posted by Jas, 07/03/04
    Added meet and greet stories from ddreamzz100 and Clare, thanks guys! Correction: second story is from Lynn not Clare, sorry about that.

    July 2, 2004

    How 'It's Goin' Down' came about
    posted by Jas, 07/02/04, from The Times-Picayune
    Rob Swift, one-third of the pioneering turntable crew the X-ecutioners, has a message for young hip-hop fans: Rock and rap are longtime acquaintances. The X-ecutioners' collaboration with the rock band Linkin Park on the hit 2002 single "It's Goin' Down" perpetuated this tradition. So, too, do several tracks on the X-ecutioners' new Columbia Records release, "Revolutions." During the recording of "Built From Scratch," a Loud executive brought a copy of Linkin Park's "Hybrid Theory" to the studio, hoping to spark a collaboration. "We stopped the session and sat there and played songs from the album and pretty much fell in love with everything we heard," Swift said. "We knew that we wanted to work with them. That same night, I called (Linkin Park vocalist/rapper) Mike Shinoda. The first thing he said was, 'Wow, the legend Rob Swift on the phone.' It let me know that he was a fan of us. Once I got on the phone with him, I knew that (the collaboration) was going to take place."

    More caps from Twilight Show
    posted by Jas, 07/02/04
    Puean sent in more screen caps of Chester, Brad and Rob from the Twilight Show. Cross your fingers and hope that we will get the video clip soon. Thanks Puean.

    More meet & greet pics and story added
    posted by Jas, 07/02/04
    I've added more meet & greet and concert pics from Daphne, Hanx, Fallencrystal and Hui Ming and m&g story and concert review from inaVeneaNar and Liberty. Thanks guys!

    Linkin Park is proud of the success of the Asian tour
    posted by Jas, 07/02/04
    A rough translation of an interview with Brad and Rob in Berita Harian:
    Speaking to Berita Harian two hours before the concert in Singapore, Rob said, "Each concert is different therefore smaller location or venue is not a problem for Linkin Park. What's important is we get the chance to meet our fans, smaller venue makes it easier for us to get closer to the fans. To feel the excitement especially in live shows is very satisfying for us. What's important is we get to experience different cultures in every countries we visit." The change of location for the band is like a transition process which requires them to respect the local culture. That requirement, said Rob, is not a big deal although the band has always had a positive image. "The choice of songs in our shows is based on where we're playing and we are proud because concert in Asia is always a success." Brad agreed that what touched the band is the eagerness of the fans to learn and remember the lyrics and sing along at their concert even though English is not their first language. He said, "It touches us because it shows how much they love our music." "Playing music is a learning process because through experience, it will give you perfection. When we first started we were bad but what's important is you work hard to get that perfection. The more shows we play, at the same time improve the quality of our music. Mistakes happen but you learn to correct it as you move forward. We take music as a job not just to have fun but we admit that success came from the fun that turns into love which is now buried in out hearts."

    July 1, 2004

    Screencaps of LP from the Twilight Show and MTV Buzz
    posted by Jas, 07/01/04
    Puean sent in screen caps of LP from the Twilight Show and MTV Buzz, Thailand.

    Projekt Revolution Tour to offer Free Download Samplers to Concert-Goers
    posted by Jas, 07/01/04
    Press release on the Projekt Revolution Tour free download samplers.

    Rock Am Ring concert Video
    posted by Jas, 07/01/04
    A lot of you have been asking for the Rock Am Ring concert video, I have the file but didn't offer it for download because I was waiting for the LPU members to come up with a better version but it turns out they have the same version as mine, so I'm making it available for download via yousendit.com. If you want the file, you know what to do, just email me your email address and I'll send you the link. File is in real video format and it's 160mb. Please note that there are some bufferings in the clip and when that happens just forward or rewind it a lil' bit, the defect comes from the source so don't ask me why it's like that. Thanks to Linkin.de for the file.

    Chester & Hammer: Front and Center
    posted by Jas, 07/01/04
    Chester is this month's Hammer Guitar's featured artist. Thanks to blackros3 at the LPUMB for the link

    Linkin Park received multiplatimum award
    posted by Jas, 07/01/04
    Lyn sent in a scan of Linkin Park receiving their multiplatinum award from Warner Music Philippines after their albums Hybrid Theory, Reanimation and Meteora sold 300,000 copies.