November News 2004

November 30, 2004

From The Inside Book Signing Tour Announced!
posted by Jas, 11/30/04 has posted the dates and venues for the LP book signing tour in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. Priority will be given to LPU members at the events, more details soon at . 'From The Inside: Linkin Park's Meteora' will be in stores on December 9. You can pre-order a copy at LP Bandmerch. Non US fans can pre-order it at Amazon US, UK, Germany, and Japan.

San Francisco signing with Linkin Park
Thursday, December 9th 2004
BEST BUY at 5:00pm
4820 Dublin Blvd.
Dublin, CA 94568

Los Angeles signing with Linkin Park
Friday, December 10th 2004
Barnes & Noble at The Grove at 7:00pm
189 The Grove Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90036

New York City signing with Linkin Park
Tuesday, December 14th 2004
Borders Books & Music at 5:30pm
100 Broadway
New York, NY 10005

Linkin Park nominated for Billboard Awards
posted by Jas, 11/30/04
Linkin Park has been nominated for 2 Billboard Award, the Duo/Group Artist of the Year (up against Hoobastank, Maroon 5 and Outkast) and Modern Rock Artist of the Year (up against Incubus, Jet and Three days Grace). The show will be held Las Vegas' MGM Grand Garden Arena on December 8 and broadcast live on Fox. Full list of nominees

Collision Course DVD preview
posted by Jas, 11/30/04 has posted the third preview clip from the Collision Course DVD, showing the band preparing for the LP/JZ concert at the Roxy.

More Collision Course review
posted by Jas, 11/30/04
Two more reviews of Collision Course from
Denver Post, The Oklahoma Daily and Soul Shine Magazine

From Soul Shine Magazine
Ever since Aerosmith and Run DMC walked this way back in the 80's, rap and rock have fused, spawning backwards hat-baggy shorts wearing nu-metal bands many would rather forget, as well as some collaborations that are worth a listen. Today (Nov. 30th) marks the release of a collaboration between rapper Jay-Z and rap/metal hybrid poster boys Linkin Park. The CD/DVD release, entitled Collision Course, contains mixes that combine both of the artist's hit songs. You can hear Jay-Z's rhymes from Encore against the backdrop of Linkin Park's Numb, for example, or the lyrics from Linkin Park's Lying against the backdrop of Jay-Z's Dirt. The DVD has footage from the artists' combined concert at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles.

In the MTV aired special exhibiting selected songs from the Roxy Show, as well as footage from the studio recording process, it is apparent that both Linkin Park and Jay-Z enjoyed working and performing together. The juxtaposition of both artists' hits seems to flow smoothly, without sounding forced. Watch for this album to make a rapid ascent up the charts.

From Denver Post
Jay-Z and Linkin Park, "Collision Course" (Warner Bros.) This is one of the most exciting albums of the season, what with Linkin Park and Jay-Z joining forces via MTV's Ultimate Mash-Ups series. Mashing songs from the two aesthetics, such as "Izzo/In the End" and "Jigga What/Faint," the results are a nice aural juxtaposition.

From The Oklahoma Daily
No matter who's behind the controls, no amount of remixing or altering beats can save Linkin Park's overwrought, childish lyrics. The otherwise-fun "Big Pimpin'" is driven into the ground as "Papercut" is injected over the top of it, and the mix of "Numb" and "Encore" is frightfully boring. Placing the "Shut up when I'm talking to you" section of "One Step Closer" after the familiar chorus of "99 Problems" only serves to add an uncomfortable air of misogyny to the proceedings, and shows the lack of thought put into the project. Full review

Linkin Park feel the chemistry with Jay-Z
posted by Jas, 11/30/04
Chart Attack interview with Phoenix where he talked about Collision Course

Collision Course review
posted by Jas, 11/30/04
Reviews of Collision Course from
USA Today and

From USA Today
MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups Presents — Jay-Z/Linkin Park: Collision Course (* ;˝) - Mash-ups, the technique of sandwiching one track over another, seem a lot hipper as inspired experiments by guerrilla artists on the Internet than as label-approved stocking stuffers by multiplatinum acts. This CD/DVD set's hyperventilating title effectively kills off the trend and tips off the consumer that the arranged marriage, while oddly amusing, lacks sizzle. 'Izzo/In the End' and 'Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You' have a certain propulsive snap, but this Collision Course of rap-rock and hip-hop yields more of a hiccup than a sonic boom.

Jay-Z has been collaborating his Z off here lately, with his latest album with R. Kelly and appearances on albums by Missy Elliott, Young Gunz and Lenny Kravitz. Collision Course out this week, finds him on the same plastic with Linkin Park and their alternative metal. MTV's "Mash-Ups" brings together artists from different genres to seamlessly blend their songs, not so much collaborations as tracks from each artist mixed together. That's exactly what you'll find on the Collision Course CD, and the package includes a DVD featuring two versions of the artists performing the tracks for MTV. It's an interesting concept, and while it might not last as long as some of MTV's other ventures, on this album at least, it's just plain old fun.

Numb/Encore on UK charts
posted by Jas, 11/30/04
Soundgenerator reports that Linkin Park/Jay-Z's 'Numb/Encore' debuts at #14 on the UK charts this week.

Collision Course out today
posted by Jas, 11/30/04
Collision Course CD/DVD is out in the US, go grab a copy!.

November 29, 2004

LP Book signing
posted by Jas, 11/29/04 reports that Linkin Park will be will be signing copies of their new book, "From the Inside: Linkin Park's Meteora", on December 14 at the Borders store located at 100 Broadway in New York City at 5:30 pm.

Video Download: Rock Respects Hip Hop & Interview with Chester and Jay-Z
posted by Jas, 11/29/04
I got two videos up for download, first one is the Rock Respects Hip Hop show aired on MTV. My friend Serein who captured it told me that MTV did not air the show on the 26th and the one aired yesterday was a one hour version with Brad and Joe hosting it so the clip is of them talking and introducing the music videos by other artist, we edited out the music videos.

The second video is an interview with Chester and Jay-Z from Aftonbladet, where they talked about Collision Course. I've captured and edited the video to just the interview part, see the clip on right frame. To watch the full version click here, thanks to for the link. Both files are in wmv format, 4mb and 5 mb respectively.

Click Here to email me your email address if you want both vidoes. If you want only one of the videos please go to the Media Page and use the email link to send me your reqest. Please type your email address in the body of message, those who do not follow this simple rule will be put last on the list, sorry to impose the rule but it will make my life easier!

click here for more caps

Mike on 2Day FM
posted by Jas, 11/29/04
Kelly reports that Mike will be on Australia's 2Day 104.1 FM today on a show called Hot 30 Countdown at about 7 pm. There's also a chance to win LP goodies like Mike's DC shoes and the Collision Course CD/DVD if you vote on the show tonight.

Brad on LPU chat
posted by Jas, 11/29/04
Don't forget Brad will be on LPU chat room today at 3 pm PT to talk about Collision Course.

LP coffee table book in Singapore
posted by Jas, 11/29/04
Silver Poogle reports that she heard MTV VJ Denise Keller announced on MTV Asia today that the LP coffee table book 'From the Inside:Linkin Park's Meteora' will be coming out tommorrow. I don't have time to go to town to check it out so if anyone sees it anywhere please let me know.

Celebrity auction on Ebay
posted by Jas, 11/29/04
People For the American Way's Annual Celebrity eBay Auction has begun, some of the items on auction are signed CD's, album covers from Van Halen, Rod Stewart, Josh Groban, Korn, Linkin Park, Eric Clapton and many more. Also rare gold/platinum albums from Joan Jett, Barenaked Ladies, Madonna and Linkin Park.

Collision Course out today
posted by Jas, 11/29/04
Collision Course CD/DVD is released worldwide today, it'll be out in the US tomorrow, go grab a copy!.

November 28, 2004

Collision Course DVD Screencaps
posted by Jas, 11/28/04
I've made some caps from the Collision Course DVD, I didn't cap the whole DVD, just the behind the scene part and the last part of the live performance. If the mash-ups songs are not your cup of tea, buy it for the DVD, it's hilarious!

more caps

MTV Mash-Ups in UK
posted by Jas, 11/28/04
Nagawa sens this schedule for LP/Jay-Z Mash-Ups on MTV UK today

  • MTV2 - 4.30pm - MTV Mash Ups: Linkin Park vs Jay-Z
  • MTV2 - 9pm - Linkin Park vs Jay-z
  • MTV2 - 9.30pm - MTV Mash Ups: Linkin Park vs Jay-Z
  • MTV - 8.30pm - MTV Mash Ups: Linkin Park vs Jay-Z
  • MTV Base - 9pm - MTV Mash Ups: Linkin Park vs Jay-Z

    Collision Course review
    posted by Jas, 11/28/04
    New York Post's review of Collision Course

    Whoever figured out that the heaviness of Linkin Park rock would combine so well with the hard-line raps of Brooklyn's Jay-Z must have felt like the inventor of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. On this CD/DVD 2-for-1 combo, songs like J-Z's "Encore" and L.P.'s "Numb" sound as if they were original compositions of rap 'n' roll. In a way, this album explains why Jay-Z has gone into semi-retirement. As a hip-hop soloist, he was limited by his fans' expectations. On this excellent, anything-goes record, the rapper is allowed to experiment. The DVD seals this set as a must, with both the show at Hollywood's Roxy and MTV broadcast.

    MTV brings musical 'mash-ups' to mainstream with live shows
    posted by Jas, 11/28/04
    The Arizona Republic has posted an article about MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups which mentioned the LP/Jay-Z mash up

    The cable channel has created a series titled MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups, which will bring big-name acts together onstage to blend their hits. The first installment of the series, starring Jay-Z and rap-rockers Linkin Park, is airing on MTV2, and a CD-and-DVD set called Collision Course, capturing a July concert by the acts at the Roxy nightclub in Hollywood, will go on sale Tuesday.

    "When we heard that we had the chance to work with Jay-Z, it was like, 'This is great,' because we knew he was going to be retiring (from performing)," says vocalist Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. "Our music just seemed to work (as a mash-up). The way things flowed together was pretty magical."

    The in-concert mix of such tracks as Linkin Park's rocking Lying From You and Jay-Z's Dirt Off Your Shoulder as well as two slower songs - Linkin Park's Numb and Jay-Z's Jigga What - comes off seamlessly in the Mash-Ups series debut.

    "It's all about having fun and doing something really creative and different," says Bennington, who was born in Phoenix. Although the two acts rehearsed for three days, Bennington adds, "It really wasn't all that difficult. There was a lot of work put into it, but we're really serious about what we do . . . and Jay-Z is the same way."

    "White People" review
    posted by Jas, 11/28/04
    Denver Post has a short review of Handsome Boy Modeling School new CD, "White People" which has guest appearance by Mike and Chester.

    November 27, 2004

    Collision Course out now in Singapore
    posted by Jas, 11/27/04
    The Collision Course CD/DVD combo is now out in Singapore, I just bought a copy today at Sembawang Music store at Orchard, it's selling at $18.90. HMV at the Heeren is selling it at $17.90 and Rowena writes in to say that Music Junction is selling it at $16.80 *doh!*. And Priori reports that CC was released in Italy yesterday. Happy hunting!

    November 26, 2004

    Rock Respects Hip Hop Featuring Linkin Park
    posted by Jas, 11/26/04
    Reminder that MTV 2 will have a show called Rock Respects Hip Hop featuring Linkin Park tonight at 10 pm. The first hour is hosted by Joe and Brad, the second hour will be hosted by Phoenix, Mike and Rob. Repeat telecast is on November 28 at 2 am.

    Collision Course CD scans
    posted by Jas, 11/26/04
    The Collision Course CD/DVD is out in the Netherlands today and has posted scans of the CD booklet

    Collision Course review I
    posted by Jas, 11/26/04
    UK's The Guardian has posted their review of Collision Course, giving it 1 star out of 5

    There are millions of reasons why hip-hop kingpin Jay-Z and rap-metal megaliths Linkin Park would want to team up, but not one which doesn't feature a picture of a former US president on the front. Although rap and rock have been crunched together with fascinating results in the past (most recently on Dangermouse's unlicensed Beatles/ Jay-Z hybrid, The Grey Album), this spin-off from MTV's Ultimate Mash-Ups series smacks of boardroom brainstorming, quite probably involving the phrase "brand synergy". On a musical level, nothing works. As existing songs are gracelessly shoehorned together (Encore with Numb, Big Pimpin' with Papercut), Jay-Z's bulletproof braggadocio finds no point of connection with Linkin Park's grumpy melodrama.

    The exercise is never more pointless than on the new version of Jay-Z's 99 Problems, which was actually a perfectly good piece of rock-rap before Linkin Park got their hands on it. To add insult to injury, Collision Course is only 21 minutes long, thus calling to mind the old borscht-belt joke about two Jewish women in a restaurant: "This food is terrible!" "Yes, and such small portions!"

    Collision Course review II
    posted by Jas, 11/26/04
    Another review of Collision Course from The Telegraph

    On the subject of dubious marketing concepts, superstar rapper Jay Z and multi-million selling nu metal outfit Linkin Park have collaborated on an album, Collision Course, which mixes together their hits with re-recorded vocals. Commercially, such collaborations make sense, combining the appeal of distinct fan bases. Yet, superficially at least, this is one of the most unlikely musical partnerships since David Bowie made a Christmas single with Bing Crosby.

    On tracks such as Jigga What, Jay Z's fast-flowing lyrics wittily celebrate the ostentatious values of a ghetto hood made good against bright hip-hop rhythms. Linkin Park, by contrast, are all jagged guitars and pseudo angst, with singer Mike Shinoda roaring about despair on songs such as Faint. When you stick the two tracks together, however, the results are curiously compelling, switching between over-confidence and insecurity. Jay Z, in particular (who has officially retired from his solo hip-hop career), sounds oddly invigorated.

    Jay-Z links with Linkin Park
    posted by Jas, 11/26/04
    A same o, same o article about LP and Jay-Z collaboration from Channel 4

    Hard rockers Linkin Park have joined forces with rap star Jay-Z to produce an album. The record with feature songs known as "mash-ups", musical collaborations where two different songs are combined into one track. The idea came about from an MTV concert in which Linkin Park and Jay-Z performed live for an invited group of fans. Jay-Z said there was never any doubt about what everyone wanted to get out of the collaboration. He said: "The first thing we said to each other is what we're here for. I'm not trying to be Linkin Park and you're not trying to be Jay-Z. I'll bring what I do to the table, you all bring what you do to the table and we mix it and we uncompromise and have fun with it." Jay-Z and Linkin Park spent just four days in a Los Angeles studio creating and recording six "mash-ups".

    November 25, 2004

    Collision Course in Singapore
    posted by Jas, 11/25/04
    Collision Course will hit the stores in Singapore on November 29. There's a small write up about the CC CD in the December issue of LIME magazine. Thanks to Andrea for typing it up.

    Collision Course : Must-Have Album!
    Hollywood's heavyweights, Jay-Z and Linkin Park have come together to put out a two-disc (CD/DVD) album, MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups Presents -- Jay-Z/Linkin Park: Collision Course. Featuring a pairing of both acts' smash hits like 'Numb/Encore'(receiving massive ariplay now), 'Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You', 'Izzo/In The End' and many more, it's the rap and rock world's most original masterpiece yet. Get the album at all good music stores from 29 Nov.

    MTV Mash-Ups on Starhub channel
    posted by Jas, 11/25/04
    This is for Singapore fans and the Asian region, if you have cable, the MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups of LP and Jay-Z will be shown on MTV Mandarin (Starhub channel 51) on Nov 27 at 1am. Thanks Jo.

    Collision Course DVD preview
    posted by Jas, 11/25/04 has posted a second preview clip from the Collision Course DVD. Update: all preview caps have been replaced with DVD version.

    November 24, 2004

    Brad on LPU chat
    posted by Jas, 11/24/04
    Brad will be in the LPU chat room to talk about Collision Course on Monday, November 29 at 3 pm PST. Have your questions prepared. And the

    Bullying: Real Life Stories
    posted by Jas, 11/24/04
    BBC Radio 1 has a short audio interview with Chester for the bullying campaign. Everyone should read and listen to the stories. Thanks Jac. Listen here

    Video Download: Chester on Celeb vs Celeb
    posted by Jas, 11/24/04
    At last! big hug to my friend Serein for capturing this clip of Chester and Sam on Celeb vs Celeb aired on AMC TV. They were asked who would they choose, Paul Newman or Steve McQueen and they chose McQueen. You can see the short clip on the right frame (reload site if you don't see it) or click here to download (right click link and save target as...). File is in wmv and only 985 kb so download here and don't email me asking for it. If server is busy, try again later. Also thanks to Annie for telling me about the repeat telecast. Here are the caps

    more caps

    Collision Course review
    posted by Jas, 11/24/04
    Rocktigga posted on the
    LPMB this review of Collision Course from this week's issue of Kerrang! magazine (UK)

    Jay-Z/Linkin Park
    Collision Course
    KKKK (Great)

    The first thing you hear on this 25-minute album is Chester Bennington's voice, distinctly Caucasian, slightly whiny. "Where's my Frappuccino?" he asks, all nasal demand. "I ordered a f**king Frappucino." How cool, you think, that what is essentially a hip-hop album with extra guitars should begin with a demand not for b*tches or bling, but for a cup of coffee. What a playa.

    Strange, then, that the only thing wrong with Collision Course, as an album, is its title, which doesn't fit because this six-song set - half a dozen Linkin Park numbers and a smattering of Jay-Z tracks married together - sounds both fluid and natural, with the sounds merging and completmenting each other perfectly. That this is so shouldn't really be a surprise. After all, Linkin Park 'Hybrid Theory' wasn't simply the title of an album, but rather a modus operandi, a way of making music that defied categorisation. Except, perhaps, as being 'modern'. For those who concentrated only on the band's corporate leanings and lack of individual personality missed a trick here, because Linkin Park, in what they aim to do, are usually far ahead of the game.

    There are some odd moments. Hearing the lyric '99 problems but a b*tch ain't one' on an album shared by a band whose lyrical stance is usually so defiantly unspecific seems like an illicit pleasure. There's also an accompanying documentary DVD, which is both boring and a little embarrassing, with the group trying just a touch too hard to ingratiate themselves with their new collaborator.

    But it's the music that strikes hard, with a sense of real expertise and panache running throughout. Mike Shinoda, who it seems put in a lot of the groundwork here, has a real knack for this, turning something that might have been simply awful that sounds both fresh and oddly familiar. Songs (or parts of songs) such as 'Papercut' and 'Numb' are given fresh legs, and a band who only last year were being measured for their nu-metal coffin size have shown, again, that for them such boundaries only exist to be broken.

    November 23, 2004

    Chat transcripts
    posted by Jas, 11/23/04
    Pure Lily has posted on the LPMB the chat transcripts of Mike on the chat room and Joe on the LPU chat. Update: I've edited Mike's chat transcript to make it easier to read, Joe's chat is a mess, I'll try to do it tomorrow. click here to read it.

    American Music Awards on Channel 10
    posted by Jas, 11/23/04
    Aaron reports that the 32nd Annual American Music Awards will be shown on Australian Channel 10 on Friday, December 3rd at 8:30 pm. Please check local listings for confirmation.

    Meet & Greet report
    posted by Jas, 11/23/04
    Andrea sent in her meet and greet report on LP's concert in Singapore and a pic of her signed copy of Hybrid Theory Booklet

    New LPU video
    posted by Jas, 11/23/04
    LPU members head over to to see a new video footage of Linkin Park/Jay-Z Collision Course viewing party held a few weeks ago in Los Angeles. And the new flash video on the welcome page shows some of the items members will receive in the 4.0 package.

    Europe Video Music Awards on MTV Australia
    posted by Jas, 11/23/04
    Aaron reports that the Europe Video Music Awards was shown on MTV Australia on Nov 21 at 12 pm, Nov 22nd at 9 am and 7 pm

    MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups on Much Music
    posted by Jas, 11/23/04
    The MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups of LP and Jay-Z will be shown on Canada's Much Music channel on these dates

    November 25 at 4 pm, 10 pm
    November 26 at 2 am
    November 27 at 10 pm
    November 28 at 1 am, 10 am

    Collision Course on The Leak
    posted by Jas, 11/23/04
    A reminder that's The Leak will feature "Collision Course" starting today only on

    November 22, 2004

    New AMA pics
    posted by Jas, 11/22/04
    Added 2 new pics from the American Music Awards. Thanks to my friend EL for the pics

    Scans from Hit Parader
    posted by Jas, 11/22/04
    November issue of Hit Parader has an article on Linkin Park and they named LP is one of the 12 Most Important Bands in Metal History *gasps, chokes*

    Reminder: Chat with Mike
    posted by Jas, 11/22/04
    Don't forget Mike will be coming to the chatroom today at 4-4:30pm PST to talk about the Collision Course CD/DVD, have your questions ready. Check out the LPMB or the LPUMB for the chat transcript soon after.

    Lying from You/Dirt off Your Shoulders on Rock 103.5
    posted by Jas, 11/22/04
    Posted by Woodenplank on the LPUMB

    Rock 103.5 will be playing the mix of Lying from You/Dirt off Your Shoulders in the Cage Match monday night as the new challenger. The cage match happens at 9PM every weekday night. Sean O'Brian was kind enough to give me a heads up on it when I mentioned it over the phone with him, and also mentioned that his bosses didnt think the songs from CC would go over very well on a rock station. Lets prove them WRONG! Everyone that can listen into the show monday night at 9PM, or even just call about 10 minutes after 9 and vote for LP, please do so. Tune your dial to 103.5 FM (broadcast from Fayetteville, NC) to listen in, and vote by calling 1-910-860-3090. If we can round up enough support we can get LP 5 wins in a row and have the single declared a cage match grand champion. Lets prove the suits wrong and show them that rock fans can dig LP and Jay-Z working together!

    Collision Course on The Leak
    posted by Jas, 11/22/04's The Leak will feature "Collision Course" starting tomorrow, November 23, only on

    Jamelia's version of Numb
    posted by Jas, 11/22/04
    Soundgenerator reviews UK singer, Jamelia's live DVD which includes her version of 'Numb'

    November 21, 2004

    LPU 4.0 launched
    posted by Jas, 11/21/04
    Linkin Park Underground 4.0 is now officially launched! here's a message posted by Jessica on the Existing members can now log in to to renew your membership

    Get excited….LPU4 is one of the best packages ever! We're excited to announce the new package to existing LPU members first. There are 3 LPU membership options available again this year, the LP Underground 4 Calendar Pass and LP Underground 4 Pass and the Online Only membership (NO PACKAGE).

    The new LPU4 packages include:

  • Linkin Park 2005 Calendar filled with color photos of Linkin Park (*only available on LP Underground 4 Calendar Pass, limited availability)
  • NEW LP Underground 4 enhanced CD with exclusive Linkin Park tracks, video footage and bonus material
  • NEW exclusive LP Underground 4 t-shirt design (S-XXL sizes available)
  • LP Underground wristband
  • LP Underground pin
  • LP Underground sticker
  • LP Underground guitar pick
  • Personal membership card
  • 8x10 band photo
  • Letter from Linkin Park
  • Annual LP Underground newsletter poster

    As a thanks for those of you who have been waiting to be the FIRST to renew or join, we're going to be doing something fun this year....

  • The first 100 people to join or renew LPU4 will get a Collectible LP/Jay Z Vinyl Single of NUMB/Encore
  • The first 1500 people to join or renew LPU4 will get an additional LPU sticker in their package

    And packages for those who join within the first 2 weeks will get have randomly inserted prizes! Enjoy!

    Collision Course DVD preview
    posted by Jas, 11/21/04 has posted a preview of the Collision Course DVD, first clip up is the first meeting between Jay-Z and Linkin Park, if they were nervous about meeting Jay-Z, they hid it well. Click here to watch

    November 20, 2004

    Linkin Park is 3x platinum in Singapore
    posted by Jas, 11/20/04
    I'm not sure if I've posted this before but just in case. Warner Music Singapore reports that Linkin Park is 3x platinum in Singapore. Their Meteora CD and Live In Texas DVD have sold over 45,000 copies in Singapore, achieving 3x Platinum certification! They concluded their Asia tour in Singapore in June this year with an award presentation by Warner Music Singapore. Here's a picture

    AMA and EMA pics
    posted by Jas, 11/20/04
    I've replaced these thumbnails from the Europe Music Awards and the American Music Awards with a larger version.... Joe, stop it! *snatches the pointy award from Joe*. Huge thanks to my friend Jan for the pics.

    Fade To Black premiere pics
    posted by Jas, 11/20/04
    Added more pics from the Fade To Black premiere. Again, thanks to Jan for the pics

    November 19, 2004

    EMA pictures
    posted by Jas, 11/19/04
    More pics from the EMA added, will replace some of the thumbnails with a larger version later.

    LP Underground 4 is coming
    posted by Jas, 11/19/04
    From Official LP Newsletter: At the end of this week, the fourth year of Linkin Park's official fan organization, LP Underground, will launch. This means a new year of members enjoying exclusive photos and videos, a new membership package, a completely re-designed website, and much more. The LPU looks forward to another great year. Details on the new package and exclusive LPU4 CD to come... To make sure you don't miss out on the LPU 3 package of exclusive goods, get to now. Year 3's package including Mike Shinoda designed t-shirt and enhanced CD of rare tracks will no longer be available once LPU4 has launched. For more info on the LP Underground, visit

    Video Download: 2004 Europe Video Music Awards
    posted by Jas, 11/19/04
    Oh my god! Alex presented the award to LP?? wicked! For those who don't know, Alex is Alessandro Del Piero, one of Italy's best soccer players. Anyway, huge thanks to Luder (kisses Luder's feet), here's a video clip of Joe and Chester at the 2004 Europe Video Music Awards in Rome last night. Email me your email address if you want the video. The file has both the presenting part and them accepting their award, it's 9mb in wmv format. PLEASE TYPE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE BODY OF YOUR EMAIL!! sorry for shouting but it will make my life easier if you remember to do that when sending in your request, don't just send me a blank email. I'll post some screencaps later if I'm not lazy ;-) Update: Linkin Park Hungary is now hosting the video, click here to download (right click link and save target as..) Thanks Cenzi.

    Audio Download: Mike on The Edge
    posted by Jas, 11/19/04
    Mike was on Toronto's 102.1 The Edge yesterday where he talked about the MTV mash-ups and Collision Course. Thanks to Matt, here's the mp3 file of the interview. Email me your email address if you want the file, don't forget to type your email address in the body of your email. Thanks Matt!!

    EMA on MTV and MTV 2
    posted by Jas, 11/19/04
    Repeat telecast of the 2004 Europe Music Awards on MTV 2 will be on November 20 at 11 am and 12 pm. It will be shown on the regular MTV channel on November 25 at 8 pm. All times eastern

    MTV Mash-Ups on MTV Asia
    posted by Jas, 11/19/04
    SJ reports that the Ultimate MTV Mash-Ups of Linkin Park and Jay-Z will premiere on MTV Asia on December 3rd at 9 pm, please check local listings for confirmation.

    November 18, 2004

    EMA on MTV 2 tonight
    posted by Jas, 11/18/04
    Eva reports that the 2004 Europe Music Awards will be shown on MTV 2 tonight at 8 pm ET, 9pm PST. I have the video clip, will post it later.

    EMA pictures
    posted by Jas, 11/17/04
    Here are pics of Joe and Chester and the 2004 Europe Music Awards, will add more if there's any.

    more pics

    LP won Europe Music Awards
    posted by Jas, 11/18/04
    Linkin Park has won an EMA for Best Rock act beating Good Charlotte, Green Day, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Darkness. Congratulations guys!, here are reports from Reuters, AFP and Variety. Will post pictures as soon as I collect them all.

    Numb/Encore on Billboard charts
    posted by Jas, 11/18/04
    LP/Jay-Z's single 'Numb/Encore' debuts on the Top 100 Billboard charts this week at #86

    MTV Mash-Up in Germany
    posted by Jas, 11/18/04
    Juliie reports that MTV Germany will show the Ultimate Mash-Ups: Linkin Park vs Jay-Z on November 24 at 5 pm and on Friday, November 26 at 7 pm. And Thoojs from writes in to say that the Ultimate Mash-Ups will be shown on MTV Netherlands on Monday, November 29 at 7 pm

    Top 20 Concert Tours
    posted by Jas, 11/18/04
    A list of Top 20 concert tours which has Linkin Park's Projekt Revolution Tour at #14 with earnings of $502,547

    November 17, 2004

    LP & Jay-Z shows on MTV 2
    posted by Jas, 11/17/04
    MTV 2 will have shows on LP and Jaz-Z leading up to the release of Collision Course on November 30 (on the 29th worldwide). Here are the schedules from

    Friday 11/26/04
    10:00pm - Rock Respects Hip Hop f/ Linkin Park
    11:00pm - MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups Jay-Z & Linkin Park
    11:30pm - Jay-Z Greatest Hits
    12:30am - Linkin Park Makes a Video
    1:00am - Making The Video Linkin Park

    Saturday 11/27/04
    2:00am - Rock Respects Hip Hop f/ Linkin Park
    3:00am - MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups Jay-Z & Linkin Park

    Chat with Mike
    posted by Jas, 11/17/04
    Jessica reports on Mike will be coming to the chatroom this coming Monday November 22nd at 4-4:30pm PST to chat with fans about the DVD/CD collaboration Linkin Park did with Jay Z coming out 11/30/04. Have your questions about Collision Course and MTV Mash Ups ready! We'll be doing LPU exclusive chats coming soon with the new LPU4 site launch after November 20th so look out for information about those.

    Interview with Mike and Jay-Z
    posted by Jas, 11/17/04 has posted an interview with Mike on Jay-Z on the Kevin & Bean show and the site now is playing the 'Dirt Off Your Shoulders / Lying From You' track, and you can hear Chester asking for his frapacchino lol!. Thanks Nagawa.

    MTV Europe Awards
    posted by Jas, 11/17/04
    Don't forget the MTV Europe Awards is tomorrow and here's the final list of performers and presenters. The show will be held at the at the Tor di Valle in Rome. Joe and Chester will there to present an award. Linkin Park is nominated for Best Rock award and you can vote for them here

    More AMA pics
    posted by Jas, 11/17/04
    Added more pics of Joe abusing Chester at the AMA and replaced one of the thumbnails of Chester from Zuma with an untagged version.

    thumbnails only

    AMA video clip
    posted by Jas, 11/17/04
    Artisan News Service has posted video clip of Joe and Chester accepting their AMA award for Favourite Alternative Artist. Click here to watch, right click here to download. Real Player required.

    Brad at the Alexander premiere
    posted by Jas, 11/17/04
    Business Wire reports that Brad was on the guest list for the premiere of Oliver Stone's "Alexander" yesterday at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. Will try to find some pics.

    Depeche Mode releases remixes on new album
    posted by Jas, 11/17/04
    Niner Online's review of Depeche Mode's "Remixes 81-04" which includes a track remixed by Mike Shinoda

    Depeche Mode, who gained their fame as an '80s electronic band, has been adapting their music for around 25 years with great success. They recently released a new album entitled "Remixes 81-04." The album, which contains two discs, features the many ageless hits by Depeche Mode, redone in a completely different style. On the song "Enjoy the Silence," remixed by Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda, there is a completely different vibe to this once soft tune. Keyboards filled with a variety of psychedelic sounds invade this song, as well as others, making them into well-done club dance tunes.

    Review of Collision Course
    posted by Jas, 11/17/04
    Rolling Stone's review of Collision Course

    When DJ mash-ups appeared a few years back, they were all about linking strange bedfellows -- Nirvana and Destiny's Child, the Strokes and Christina. The best ones made you hear something new in both songs involved -- which Collision Course does only in snatches. Billed as the first commercially released mash-up record, this six-song EP is well-constructed: The mix of brassy rhymes and heavy electro-rock on "Big Pimpin'/Papercut" and "Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You" -- featuring new verses and music from the band and Jay -- is way more interesting than most rap metal. But too often Jay's world-class flow leaves Linkin Park in the dust, and the juxtapositions are pure novelties and less fun than they should be. If Jay really needed another batch of out-there beats, he only had to hit up Timbaland again. christian hoard Key Track "Dirt off Your Shoulder/ Lying From You"

    November 16, 2004

    Mike and Phoenix on Fuse's Daily Download
    posted by Jas, 11/16/04
    I couldn't post this because I was ill so here's a report on Mike and Phoenix appearance on Fuse's Daily Download on November 4, sorry I don't have a video clip of this. Huge thanks to Eva for sending in this report

    The guys at Daily Download showed Breaking The Habit. Mike told the other guys were outside. They waved back to him and Phoenix. I think that was Chester who was waving crazy! Heh heh. Then, they talked about their new book - Linkin Park's Meteora. Mike and Phoenix showed some particular pictures in the book that were important like the one with Phoenix in Malaysha playing the bass and they showed the cover and the back cover. Mike said the back cover had ALL the dates they played a concert for Meteora. It showed a lot of dates of course. LP works really hard! Mike talked about the Remix DC shoes and why he was doing it. The guys also talked about working with Jay-Z and Collision Course. Finally, the fans asked some questions to Mike and Phoenix like these (They might not be in the excact words but similar:

    Q: What was the most craziest thing a fan has ever done to meet you?
    A: Mike - Okay this not what he did to meet us but what he did in front of me. This was when I was in Asia. I don't know which part of Asia but, I was playing around with my phone and this Asian guy walks up to me and - well this guy doesn't speak english - anyway he hands his baby to me and turns his baby upside down. He wanted me to sign his baby!

    Q: Do you have any other talents?
    Mike: Graphic designing
    Phoenix: Basketball. *giggles*

    Q: What would you be doing if you were'nt in the band?
    Mike: Graphic Designer
    Phoenix: I would be the lead player in the LA Lakers.

    Q: What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
    Phoenix: Uh...I think I'm the mocha kind of guy
    Mike: Uh. *nods head* Strawberry?

    I think there's more questions...I'm not sure. These are not EXACTLY what they said but similar.

    Jay Z vs Linkin Park - Collision Course
    posted by Jas, 11/16/04
    An article on Collision Course from UK-Flava which shows the artwork of the Numb/Encore single

    For those who were there, it was a once in a lifetime musical moment. On July 18, 2004, MTV brought Jay-Z and Linkin Park together for a tour-de-force performance at West Hollywood's famed Roxy Theatre in front of a select group of lucky fans. It was a meeting of musical minds inspired by mutual admiration and a passion for music, resulting in a combination of great songs "mashed" together as if they meant to be paired in that way all along. The evening proved to be stylistically grand, and artistically bold as the famed Sunset Blvd. literally shook underneath the weight of these musical heavyweights on the same stage, mixing it up. It was a musically masterful performance no one has, or will soon forget.

    Now, for those who missed it (and for those who want to re-live it), comes on Warner Bros. Records and Roc-A-Fella Records one of the most exciting CD + DVD packages yet: MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups Presents -Jay-Z / Linkin Park: Collision Course, a two disc set due November 29th.

    The CD features studio recordings of the same song combinations performed live on that unforgettable night. The tracks were cut in the studio with Linkin Park and Jay-Z while they rehearsed for the Roxy performance. Included are pairings such as "Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You," "Numb/Encore," "Izzo/In The End" and more.

    Says Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park (who doubled as producer on the album) about selecting the songs that would be melded, "We picked the songs based on tempo, key and vibe. Most of it was pretty obvious to me--the songs just told me which ones should go together." Based on early response, the pairings are perfect; the real challenge came while re-recording the tracks in the studio, most notably the vocal tracks.

    Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington says of the experience, "The biggest challenge in recording some of the new vocals was singing our dark lyrics over Jay's music. Some of his songs felt happier than our songs-- which made for a different attitude in our vocals."

    The DVD contains the Roxy performance in 5.1 Surround Sound, plus a revealing behind the scenes documentary detailing the creative process of the collaboration. This poignant and fun feature will show you how, in just four days, Jay-Z and Linkin Park created, rehearsed, recorded and ultimately performed the songs that make up the ultimate mash-up album.

    Rousing mash-ups of "Numb/Encore," "Points Of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer" and "Izzo/In The End" and more are included. Also included on the disc is the original broadcast version of MTV ULTIMATE MASH-UPS, which is set to premiere on the MTV network November 10, 2004 at (10:30 PM eastern / pacific), as well an exclusive photo gallery of Linkin Park and Jay-Z images taken over the course of the project.

    Linkin Park honored
    posted by Jas, 11/16/04
    Linkin Park was honored the Breakthrough Artist of the year at the Backstage Pass Awards last week at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York. The awards are based on box-office data gathered from Billboard Boxscore reports. Full list of winners

    November 15, 2004

    Video Download: American Music Awards, MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups
    posted by Jas, 11/16/04
    First of all a thousand apologies to friends and visitors, so sorry for no updates last week, truth is I wasn't able to shake off the flu bug, it just wouldn't leave me alone so hubby banned me from using my computer until I fully recover, one takes a longer time to recover as one gets older. Anyway, I'm here, I'm still alive :-) and ready to get back to work. As we all know Linkin Park won the American Music Award last night for Best Alternative Music, Chester and Joe were there to accept the award and to present an award (see video clip on the right frame). It was LP's second AMA in the same category. I also have the video of the MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups of LP and Jay-Z aired on MTV last week, huge thanks to my friend Serein for capturing it for me. If you want both videos click here to send me your email address and I'll send you the file. If you want only one of the videos please go to the Media Page and use the email link to send in your request. Please type your email address in the body of your email. To those who have emailed me last week asking for the other videos, I will send them to you as soon as I read and sort out my mail. I need some time to upload all the files again, it'll take a while before you get the links, I'm sorry for the delay.

    Chester's acceptance speech: "We would like to thank all of our fans because they are the reasons why we are here and why we're so successful and you're the only ones that matter, so thank you guys very much" (thanks PaPeRCuT)

    LP pictures: AMA, "Fade To Black" Premiere and others
    posted by Jas, 11/15/04
    Later today I will post pictures from various sources and screencaps of Chester and Joe from the AMA as well as pics of Mike and Phoenix at the premiere of Jay-Z's "Fade To Black" and their appearance on Fuse couple of weeks ago. I also have another pic of Chester and Sam from Scott Weiland's Birthday party and some caps from the MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups. I need to add them all to the Gallery page so check back later. Update: All pics are up except screencaps which I will post later tonight. Go here for AMA pics and click here for "Fade To Black" premiere and appearance on Fuse and a new pic of Chester and Samantha (the last pic)

    Linkin Park News: Old and new
    posted by Jas, 11/15/04
    AMA Reports: Full list of winners at the 32nd Annual American Music Awards. Reports from CNN and Reuters

    T.J. Martell Foundation
    Press release from PR Newswire on T.J. Martell Foundation's "World Tour of Wine" fund-raising dinner and auction. Linkin Park is one of the artists who contributed an item to be auctioned on Ebay starting November 22, 2004

    Jay-Z & Linkin Park's 'Numb Encore' review
    Review of 'Numb Encore' from Pitchfork Media

    Recently, Jay-Z awoke in the middle of a fever dream featuring R. Kelly and the kid chorus from "Hard Knock Life" and realized he needed $75 million-- fast. So he did what any self-respecting rap artist would do: He called up Linkin Park, those perennial rap-metal darlings whose widespread popularity rivals this year's election returns for most depressing indicator of current American public opinion. Though I wonder what kind of programming genius came up with the hilariously appropriate name "Collision Course" for the MTV program that first aired this monstrosity, the show at least provided undeniable visual proof that, yes, this is really happening. The two opposing forces have hit the studio and realized an EP's worth of this bullshit, which they'll be foisting on us a week from tomorrow.

    If this particular song doesn't take the top prize for Worst Cash-In Hybrid of 2004, it's because we've already experienced the embarrassing, mutually negating mash-up of "99 Problems" and "One Step Closer". Comparatively, this track is absolutely brilliant, if only because the two performers keep a reasonably tactful distance. Linkin Park's instrumental intrusion into Jay's first verses is a frightening portent of things to come, but luckily, Chester Bennington's whiny, artificial temper tantrums don't interfere much with Jay's vocals-- which emerge from the mash-up relatively unscathed. The track essentially plays like an awkwardly sequenced mix. Paradoxically, the mash-up points out exactly what's so fundamentally wrong with this collaboration while simultaneously finding the most inoffensive middle ground in what is destined to be one of the great regrettable partnerships in pop music. [David Moore; November 15th, 2004]

    Linkin Park: Walk This Way talked to Mike Shinoda about Linkin Park's collaboration with Jay-Z

    Jay-Z: The Reanimation's interview with Jay-Z where he talked about working with Linkin Park, here's the LP part. Can you talk about your MTV special Mash Ups with Linkin Park?
    Jay-Z: What happened was Mike [Shinoda of Linkin Park], is a wonderful producer. He goes from the booth to the keyboard to the Pro Tools. So we came up with all these different mixes. All I'm saying is that Mike spearheaded that whole thing. So what was the highlight with working with Linkin Park?
    Jay-Z: Really, Hanging out with them. We went to tom Wally's house and he had his whole family around and had my crew, my family around and we just sat around and kicked it like we knew each other for minute. The whole group, as far as how professional they were in putting this together, was very impressive. I'm used to having to carry people and they showed me something else. When you were recording [with Linkin Park] I think it was "Big Pimpin'" you said that you gotta bring the young Hov back because you ran out of [breath]...
    Jay-Z: Oh that [song] was "Jigga What" on some fast s**t. Can you talk about that because you call yourself "one take Hov?"
    Jay-Z: That was in two takes (laughs) I was rusty man. Give me a break. (Laughs) It was two takes you could ask [Linkin Park]. With a lot of beats you rapped on you had to kinda alter your flow.
    Jay-Z: Yeah, it was challenging so it was fun. Did you experience any funny happenings at the concert with Linkin Park?
    Jay-Z: Any funny happenings? No, I was so caught up in the concert that I had no time to be funny, I had to focus.

    Two new projects let fans walk a mile in Linkin Park's shoes
    An interview with Mike and Phoenix from where they talked about "Collision Course", the LP coffee table book and Mike's DC shoes. On the follow-up to "Meteora", Mike said, ""We're kind of taking it easy now. I'm doing some production for other artists, mostly hip-hop," Shinoda continued. "I have a track that I hope is going to be on [Jurassic 5's] Chali 2na's solo album. I've got a track on the new Handsome Boy Modeling School album. We're always busy, but right now we're just doing little fun things."

    Purchase 'Numb Encore' single reports that you can now purchase a digital copy of Linkin Park & Jay-Z's latest single 'Numb/Encore' on iTunes. The exclusive download package includes the single, instrumental and a capella versions, and a bonus beat created especially to go along with this first single from the forthcoming CD+DVD, Collision Course.

    November 5, 2004

    Jay-Z And Linkin Park Collaborate On Mash-Up Album
    posted by Jas, 11/05/04
    A report from about Jay-Z & Linkin Park collaboration

    Jay-Z and Linkin Park, two of the most influential forces in music, recently collaborated on a project that resulted in some of the most awe-inspiring music of the millennium. Crossing genres and leaving behind traditional dividing lines, Linkin Park and Jay-Z have collided. This CD is the result. On July 18, 2004, Jay-Z and Linkin Park came together for a tour-de-force performance at the famed Hollywood, CA's Roxy Theatre in front of a select group of fans and industry tastemakers. It was a meeting of musical minds inspired by mutual admiration, resulting in a combination of great songs mashed together. It was a musically masterful performance no one will forget.

    MTV ULTIMATE MASH-UPS is set to premiere during "Spankin New Music" week on the MTV network November 10, 2004 at (10:30 PM eastern / pacific). Collision Course, the CD + DVD package will be available in stores November 30th.

    Jay-Z & Linkin Park On A Collision Course
    posted by Jas, 11/05/04
    Another report about Jay-Z & Linkin Park collaboration from

    On the upcoming release 'Collision Course' that pairs Jay-Z and linkin park the tracks are not strictly prerecorded verses chopped and put together to form tracks. Collision Course is slated for release November, 30 2004. Supposedly much of the album has been re-recorded. The much of the instrumentation has also been redone. Many of the verses are from the Jay-Z's Black Album . The first single will be "Numb/Encore"

    Elements of the studio recording process like talking, and laughing has been left in also. Laughing and joke-telling can be heard a certain parts of many songs. No doubt that both Jay-Z and Linkin Park will be expanding their audiences with this release.

    November 4, 2004

    Short clip of 'Rock and Roll'
    posted by Jas, 11/04/04
    Rene reports that has a short clip (1 minute) of the song 'Rock And Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This)' featuring Chester and Mike from the new Handome Boy Modeling School's CD, "White People" set to be released on November 9

    Chester and Joe to present at the MTV Europe Music Awards
    posted by Jas, 11/04/04 reports that Chester and Joe will be among the presenters at the MTV Europe Music Awards to be held on November 18 in Rome. Linkin Park is nominated for Best Rock award

    Mike and Phoenix on Daily Download
    posted by Jas, 11/04/04
    Eva reports that Mike and Phoenix will be appearing on Fuse's Daily Download today at 6:00PM EST (3:00 PM PST) . Repeat telecast at 10:00PM EST (7PM EST). Anyone who can make a video clip please let me know

    Chester and Joe to present at the AMA
    posted by Jas, 11/04/04
    Chester and Joe will be among the presenters at the 32nd Annual American Music Awards to be shown live on ABC on November 14 at 8pm ET. Asian fans who have cable can catch the show live on Star World channel on Monday morning, November 15. Full list of presenters and performers.

    Video/Audio Download: Numb/Encore
    posted by Jas, 11/03/04
    Luder has sent me the mp3 of the song he ripped from French radio. Email me your email address and I'll send you both the mp3 (6mb) and the video in real format (7mb). Please type your email address in the body of an email. Update: Linkin Park Hungary is now hosting the windows media (8mb) version. Click here to download (right click link and save target as..). Thanks Cenzi

    Numb/Encore video screencaps
    posted by Jas, 11/04/04
    Here are some screencaps of the Numb/Encore video. Click here to download the mp3 of the instrumental that was being played on Thanks to Eric for the file.

    more screencaps

    Numb/Encore video premiere in Australia
    posted by Jas, 11/04/04
    Ally reports that the Numb/Encore video will premiere on MTV Australia tomorrow, November 5. They will play the video every hour or so.

    Jay-Z on TRL
    posted by Jas, 11/04/04
    Krissy reports that on TRL yesterday, Jay-Z said that the professionalism of working with Linkin Park was one of the best parts and that the whole recording process with LP ran smoothly. They only showed about 2 minutes of the "Numb/Encore" video.

    November 3, 2004

    Watch Numb/Encore video
    posted by Jas, 11/03/04
    MTV Brazil has posted the LP/Jay-Z's 'Numb/Encore' video in both windows and real format. Windows: 56, 180, 300 | Real: 56, 180, 300. Thanks Ricardo. US fans can catch the video on MTV 2 today at 9am, 12pm, and 3pm EST. For those in PST, it will be 6am, 9am, and 12pm, or go to to see the video

    Video/Audio Download: Numb/Encore
    posted by Jas, 11/03/04
    Luder has sent me the mp3 of the song he ripped from French radio. Email me your email address and I'll send you both the mp3 (6mb) and the video in real format (7mb). Please type your email address in the body of an email.

    Numb/Encore instrumental
    posted by Jas, 11/03/04
    The welcome page of is now playing a short instrumental of the Numb/Encore single. Check out LP Newscaster ep #71 to hear snippet of 'Lying From You / Dirt Off Your Shoulder'

    Numb/Encore world premiere
    posted by Jas, 11/03/04
    Warner Music Singapore has announced that MTV Asia will premiere Linkin Park/Jay-Z's 'Numb/Encore' video tomorrow, November 4. Singapore fans can tune in to Perfect 10, 98.7 FM and Power 98 FM for the world premiere of the 'Numb/Encore' single.

    Interview with Mike and Joe
    posted by Jas, 11/03/04 has an interview with Mike and Joe where they talked about the situation of Asian-Americans in the USA. Here are pics from the site, to read the interview go to the site and click on Icon. Thanks to Lů for the link.

    photo credit:

    Jay-Z on TRL today
    posted by Jas, 11/03/04
    A reminder that Jay-Z will be on TRL today at 5 pm ET to premiere the 'Numb/Encore' video.

    November 2, 2004

    I'm back!
    posted by Jas, 11/02/04
    Hey everyone I'm back! still a little weak but I'm ready to get back to work and serve :-) thanks to all who sent me get well wishes and cards, I really appreciate it. Those who asked for the Radio Music Awards video will get the link to download the file later today. To those asking for the other videos I will try to send you the links asap because all links I have now have expired so I have to upload them all again, it won't be long, I promise.

    Mike in Kerrang!
    posted by Jas, 11/02/04
    sueadams has typed up a small quote from Mike from this week's Kerrang! (UK) magazine about remixing Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy The Silence'

    Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park
    Fan Shinoda remixed Depeche Mode's classic 'Enjoy The Silence' for "Remixes '81-04', out now. He tells us why he loves them
    "In my early teens, before I got into depeche Mode, I listened to hip-hop. I also liked Led Zeppelin and U2, but mostly rap... until a couple of years later when I discovered 'Strangelove' and 'Blashemous Rumors'. I've been a fan ever since. The song structure and lyrics are amazing. When I talk to up-and-coming bands, I always tell them to study DM's songwritting, because it's airtight. A stand-out characteristic is the tone they set muscially and lyrically. You can totally immerse yourself in an album, and even when you devote a lot of attention to the details, you can always find things that surprise you. In Linkin Park, we use a lot of digital elements to our songs - you can hear a Depeche Mode influence there. Another place the Depeche Mode influences us is in song structure. We orginally wanted our song 'Crawling' to have the same structure as 'Strangelove'.

    Chester to present at the AMA
    posted by Jas, 11/02/04
    Krissy reports that according to Entertainment Weekly Magazine Issue 791 November 5, 2004, Chester is on the list of presenters at the 32nd Annual American Music Awards to be shown live on ABC on November 14 at 8pm ET.

    Jay-Z on TRL on Wednesday
    posted by Jas, 11/02/04
    Krissy reports that Jay-Z will be on TRL tomorrow, November 3rd at 5:00 p.m. ET/PT

    Chester on Celeb vs Celeb
    posted by Jas, 11/02/04
    Remember the brief interview with Chester and Samantha on Celebrity vs. Celebrity on AMC TV where they were asked who was more handsome Paul Newman or Steve McQueen? you can catch a rerun tomorrow, November 3 on AMC at 3:45 am ET. Will try to get a clip. Thanks to Sum for the heads up.

    Linkin Park and Jay-Z On Collision Course
    posted by Jas, 11/02/04
    A report from Undercover where Mike and Chester talked about Collision Course

    The Linkin Park/Jay-Z Collision Course collaboration will be released on November 30. On July 18, Jay-Z and Linkin Park gathered at the Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood for a mixed up performance of each others songs. Says Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park (who doubled as producer on the album) about selecting the songs that would be melded, "We picked the songs based on tempo, key and vibe. Most of it was pretty obvious to me -- the songs just told me which ones should go together."

    Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington says of the experience, "The biggest challenge in recording some of the new vocals was singing our dark lyrics over Jay's music. Some of his songs felt happier than our songs -- which made for a different attitude in our vocals." The mashed performance includes "Numb/Encore," "Points Of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer" and "Izzo/In The End". The album will be released as a two disc CD and DVD set.

    Collision Course trailer
    posted by Jas, 11/02/04
    You can watch a short Collision Course trailer at Update: Vop writes in to say that he has the teaser trailer in mpg format as well as a fan's remix of 'Lying From You / Dirt Off Your Shoulder' up for download at

    Mike's DC shoes ad
    posted by Jas, 11/02/04
    Kirsten wrote in to say that there's an ad for Mike Shinoda DC Remix shoe in the latest issue of Blender magazine (U2 on the cover)