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    Sir Bob Geldof put together the Live Aid concert in London and Philadelphia 20 years ago to raise money for Africa. This time the Live 8 concerts had dozens of the world's biggest pop acts performed at eight concerts around the world on July 2 to put pressure on world leaders attending the G-8 summit to relieve debt and other financial constraints on African nations. The marathon concert was billed as the greatest rock show ever, hundreds of thousands of fans were at the concerts themselves, and tens of millions more tuned in to the event via the web and mobile phones.

    Read the letter from Live8 organisers to G8 Leaders

    Date of Event: July 2, 2005

    Location: Benjamin Franklin Parkway at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

    Artists line-up: Black Eyed Peas, Bon Jovi, The Dave Matthews Band, Def Leppard, Destiny's Child, Jars of Clay, Jay-Z, Kaiser Chiefs, Toby Keith, Alicia Keys, Linkin Park, Maroon 5, Rita and Stephen Marley, Sarah McLachlan, Josh Groban, Will Smith, Rob Thomas, Keith Urban, Kanye West, Stevie Wonder

    Linkin Park set: "Crawling", "Somewhere I Belong", "Breaking The Habit", "In The End"

    Linkin Park & Jay-Z set: "Public Service Announcement (Interlude)", "Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You", "Big Pimpin'/Papercut", "Jigga What/Faint", "Numb/Encore"

    Live 8 DVD release
    EMI announced that the Live 8 DVD will be released on November 7 worlwide, Nov 8 in US. The 4-disc set contains three discs of live footage taken from the Live 8 shows staged in London and Philadelphia alongside key highlights from the seven other events staged across the world. Every artist who performed at London's Hyde Park and Philadelphia's Museum Of Art appear on the DVD, many of them with their full sets. The track listing has only two LP tracks, 'In The End' and LP/Jay-Z 'Numb' on Disc 2. For more details and full track listing go to

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    Video - Linkin Park - MPG (BBC TV rip)

  • Crawling: download (35.7 mb)
  • Somewhere I Belong: download (34.5 mb)
  • Breaking The Habit: download (47.1 mb)
  • In The End: download (31.8 mb)

    Video - Linkin Park - MPG (high quality)

  • Breaking The Habit: download (57.7 mb)
  • In The End: download (58.5 mb)
  • Both songs in SVCD format: download here (150 mb)

    Video - Linkin Park & Jay-Z - MPG (high quality)

  • Linkin Park/Jay-Z full set in SVCD format (unedited): download here (300 mb)
  • Jay-Z Public Service Announcement: download (14.2 mb)
  • Jigga What/Faint: download (48.6 mb)
  • Big Pimpin/Papercut: download (36.6 mb)
  • Numb/Encore: part 1, part 2 (34.1 mb, 27.3 mb)
  • Dirt Of Your Shoulder/Lying From You: download (56.1 mb)
    Note: WinRaR is required for Numb/Encore video, you need to download both parts before you can unzip it

    Video - Linkin Park & LP/Jay-Z - WMV (BBC TV rip)

  • Crawling: download (14.6 mb)
  • Somewhere I Belong: download (13.6 mb)
  • Breaking The Habit: download (19.4 mb)
  • In The End: download (12.6 mb)
  • Jay-Z Public Service Announcement: download (4.8 mb)
  • Dirt Of Your Shoulder/Lying From You: download (15.5 mb)
  • Big Pimpin/Papercut & Jigga What/Faint: download (24.2 mb)
  • Numb/Encore: download (19.4 mb)

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  • Interview with Mike on 13Wham
  • Interview with Chester on WMMR
  • Interview with Chester on WYSP
  • Mp3 - Full LP/Jay-Z set

    Philadelphia concert reviews

    Moment-by-Moment Report of Philly Show

    Various reviews and backstage reports on the Live 8 Philadelphia concert that mention Linkin Park

    Jay-Z and Linkin Park were responsible for the only time throughout the day that the diverse crowd was unified by the music it came to hear. Their collaboration on "Dirt on My Shoulder," "Encore" and "Big Pimpin" was energetic and stunning, surely the highlight of the six hour-plus concert. Jay-Z, the entertainment mogul and part owner of the New Jersey Nets, gave the most honest speech of the day when he said, "We are spending billions and billions to kill people. Let's spend billions and billions to help people." -- Asbury Park Press

    You Can't Judge a Book By Its Cover - During Jay-Z and Linkin Park's electric rap-rock mash-up - by far the most exciting, and loudest, performance of the day - a white middle-aged mom and her teenage daughter impressively got their swerve on in the VIP section, rapping along to every word of "Big Pimpin'." -- Boston Herald

    London may have been the rock capital but the likes of Will Smith, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Black Eyed Peas, Destinys Child, Jay Z and Stevie Wonder defiantly made Philly the hip hop capital of the world on Saturday. Highlights included a set by Destinys Child, mesmerizing performance by hip hop stars Kanye West and The Black Eyed Peas, who got the crowd going early on with hits like 'Let's Get It Started', and ending their set with a version of the Bob Marley classic 'Get Up, Stand Up', joined by Marley's widow, Rita, and son Ziggy. But the most crowd pleasing set was a mix of rap and metal with Linkin Park and Jay Z (who doesn't look like he's ever going to retire). -- RWD Magazine

    Round about snack time for me Linkin Park came out and rocked the house. I've never found them particularly enjoyable so I surprised to find myself grooving and singing along to the odd chorus or two as Jay-Z joined them on stage. The intensity and passion with which they attacked their songs was ferocious and powerful. It was awesome. During the set, Jay-Z commented that we spend billions on war when we could be spending billions to help people out. To quote 2pac's Keep Your Head Up, "When it rains, it pours, we've got money for war but can't feed the poor." Which got me thinking. -- Blogcritics

    Rapper Jay-Z and heavy metal band Linkin Park tore up the city in arguably the most electric performance of the afternoon. Nearly a quarter-mile away, Kesia Arrianga, 23, of Camden, watched on one of the Jumbotron screens that lined the parkway and loudly sang along like she was in the front row. "That was awesome," she said. "This whole concert's been amazing, but that was the best." -- Phillyburbs

    Over the course of a seven-hour day, there were highlights - Jay-Z meeting Linkin Park on a rap-rock mash-up, Alicia Keys at the piano holding the crowd rapt with "For All We Know," Kaiser Chiefs bursting with energy. Kanye West was impressive, Toby Keith rocked the house, Will Smith and the Black Eyed Peas got the crowd juiced.

    The big winners were Chicagoans Linkin Park, who delivered a solid rap-rock set, then brought on Jay-Z, which was when the show took off. The funked-up beats and muscular riffs meshed perfectly with Jigga's syncopated flow on "Dirt Off My Shoulder," "Big Pimpin' " and "Encore," which made it feel as though something vibrant and adventurous was going on. Jay dropped the most pointed - and to the point - political commentary of the day: "We're spending billions and billions of dollars to kill people. Let's spend billions and billions of dollars to let people live." -- Philadelphia Inquirer

    In Philadelphia, the backstage scene actually started the night before the show. During soundchecks, Kanye West and Linkin Park seemed to be doing a bit more than talking about mutual admiration. Could they be possibly plotting something onstage or in the studio? Time will tell ... -- MTV

    The crowd screamed, "Hova! Hova!" when Linkin Park took the stage, expecting their mash-up partner Jay-Z to join them. Once Jigga did make an entrance, it seemed like at least 100,000 in the crowd threw up the Roc-A-Fella triangle hand sign. -- MTV

    3:25: Actress Jennifer Connolly introduces Linkin Park. Philadelphia's first taste of rap-rock for the day begins with "Crawlin," then "Somewhere I Belong." Before going into "Breaking the Habit," lead singer Chester Bennington says, "What an exceptionally beautiful crowd." The band's choice of "In the End" might not have been wise, considering the lyrics; although not at all related to the concert's cause, the chorus includes, "I tried so hard and got so far/and in the end, it doesn't even matter."

    3:43: Jay-Z joins Linkin Park onstage and jumps into their collective hit, "Dirt Off Your Shoulders." A lyrically mild version of "Big Pimpin' " follows, and the crowd shows fewer signs of heat exhaustion, if only for a moment.

    3:55: After thanking the crowd for chanting a request for "H.O.V.A.," Jay-Z acknowledges that, yes, "We havin' a good time out here, we rockin', we spittin'," then reminds the audience about the day's focus. They play a medley of Jay-Z's "Encore" and Linkin Park's "Numb." -- Courier Post Online

    Some of the artists played to a virtually unresponsive crowd, although a set by Smith, in conjunction with his former partner and Philly-born, DJ Jazzy Jeff Townes and performances by Bon Jovi, Wonder and a combined effort by Linkin Park and Jay-Z seemed to liven the mood considerably. -- Daily Local News

    Chicagoans Linkin Park delivered a solid if unspectacular set of accessible, forgettable rap-rock. But the show took off when they were joined by Jay-Z, who collaborated with the band on the surprisingly good Collision Course. The funked-up beats and muscular riffs meshed perfectly with Jigga's syncopated flow on a trio of cuts - "Dirt Off My Shoulder," "Big Pimpin' " and "Encore" - that made it feel as though something vibrant and adventurous was going on. Jay also dropped the most pointed - and to the point - pollitical commentary of the day: "The reason we're here is for a cause," he said. "We're spending billions and billions of dollars to kill people. Let's spend billions and billions of dollars to let people live." -- Charlotte Observer

    Down the row, on the museum's Kelly Drive parking apron: Stevie Wonder, Kanye West, Will Smith, Jazzy Jeff. Jay-Z, in a white jacket, rolled into his dressing room, next to Destiny's Child's, guarded by the biggest guy you've ever seen. Linkin Park, distinctive in tattoos and black T-shirts, sat with Black Eyed Peas at picnic tables livened up by fake palm trees and green and silver streamers. -- Philadelphia Inquirer

    Saturday's Live 8 concerts targeted poverty in Africa, but they also signaled a passing of pop music's torch 20 years after its predecessor, Live Aid. Rock icons like Paul McCartney, Madonna, Elton John and Pink Floyd received top billing at Saturday's 10 free concerts, staged from Philadelphia to London to Tokyo to Moscow. But it was younger acts such as Green Day, Jay-Z, Joss Stone, Linkin Park and Snoop Dogg who provided the most energy during 13 hours of music and pontificating. Much-ballyhooed appearances by McCartney, John and Pink Floyd, whose original lineup reunited for Live 8 after two decades, seemed anticlimactic after hungry performances by Jay-Z, Linkin Park, Kanye West, Good Charlotte, Alicia Keys and Stone. -- AZ Central

    After Linkin Park started their set, Jay-Z came out for a mash-up with the rock-rap group. Jigga had the crowd chanting "Hova," his smooth cool in sharp contrast to Linkin Park's vein-popping fervor. The combination made for one of the days most popular performances, especially on Jay-Z's "Big Pimpin'." -- The Detroit News